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Laurance Labadie’s “Anarchism Applied to Economics”
Anarchism Applied to Economics Value is the exchange equivalency of something measured in terms of another thing. The fundamental quality upon which value depends is utility in satisfying desire. In economics, utility doesn’t mean the ‘real’ or ‘actual’ ability of a thing to accomplish or assist in accomplishing a result, but means the human estimate…
Definições e distinções
Livre mercado: Condição social em que todas as transações econômicas são resultado de escolhas voluntárias sem coerção. Estado: Instituição que intervém no livre mercado através do exercício direto da coerção ou da concessão de privilégios (sustentados pela coerção). Impostos: Forma de coerção ou interferência no livre mercado em que o estado coleta tributos (os impostos)…
Definities en onderscheid
VRIJE MARKT: De inrichting van de samenleving waarin alle economische transacties voortvloeien uit vrijwillige keuze, zonder dwang. DE STAAT: De instelling die de Vrije Markt belemmerd via de directe uitoefening ban dwang of het toekennen van privileges (gesteund door dwang). BELASTING: Een vorm van dwang en belemmering van de Vrije Markt waarin de staat tribuut…
Begriffserklärungen und Unterscheidungen
The following section of the book, The Illuminatus! Trilogy,  is translated into Deutsch from the English original, written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. FREIER MARKT: Der Zustand der Gesellschaft in dem alle ökonomischen Handlungen (Geschäfte) auf Freiwilligkeit basieren, nicht auf Zwang. DER STAAT: Die Institution die den freien Markt behindert durch die direkte Anwendung von…
“Who is the Somebody?”
Benjamin Tucker: The usurer is the Somebody, and the State is his protector. Usury is the serpent gnawing at labor’s vitals, and only liberty can detach and kill it.
Definitions and Distinctions
THE STATE: That institution which interferes with the Free Market through the direct exercise of coercion or the granting of privileges (backed by coercion).
Romney, Banks, Regulations and “Garage Loans”
Carson: The state is the instrument of armed force by which an economic ruling class extracts rents from the producing majority of a society.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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