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Romney’s 2016 Charade is Symbolic of Government
On January 30, two-time Republican Party presidential hopeful Mitt Romney nixed a third go-around, telling supporters via teleconference that he can better serve America by supporting whomever the party chooses as its 2016 presidential nominee. Hallelujah. A third Romney candidacy would have been difficult to stomach. Romney had floated a trial balloon of making “helping the poor”…
Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics” read by Erick Vasconcelos and edited by Nick Ford. But treating either the payment of taxes or receipt of government money as a proxy for where one stands on the Producer-Parasite spectrum is ridiculous. Commenter Kirsten Tynan points out the sheer absurdity of asserting that the bottom…
Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
Remember that stupid “We Are the 53%” campaign? Were you hoping you’d seen the last of it? Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s back. This time it’s being resurrected in an even more monstrous form by Stephan Kinsella — a libertarian attorney who, when not writing stuff like this, is actually one of the most…
The “Makers” and “Takers” — Not Who You Think on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “The ‘Makers’ and ‘Takers’ — Not Who You Think” read and edited by Nick Ford. But you don’t get to be super-rich — to the tune of hundreds of millions or billions of dollars — by making stuff. You get that filthy rich only through crime of one sort or another…
The “Makers” and “Takers” — Not Who You Think
The old “53% vs. 47%” meme that got so much attention in the 2012 election resurfaced this week when it came out that Colorado gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez apparently first coined it at a 2010 Rotary Club speech. The 47% who pay no income tax, he said back then, are “dependent on the largesse of…
Privilegien und Prunksucht in der Politik
Ich setze als bekannt voraus, dass kein Politiker mehr als Hohn und Spott verdient, dass sie samt und sonders ein System der Macht und Privilegien repräsentieren, das auf legalisierten Raub in einem gigantischen Maße hinausläuft. Nun, nachdem das gesagt wurde, mögen Republikaner – für ihre verblüffende Fähigkeit, sich von der Realität loszulösen – den Preis für…
Querido Conservador Estadounidense
Byas: Le recomiendo olvidarse del conservadurismo y las elecciones completamente. Lo mejor que puede hacer para defender sus valores es convertirse al anarquismo y promoverlo, haciéndose parte de la izquierda radical.
J.D. Tuccille: “52 Percent of Americans Want Government To ‘Redistribute’ Wealth”
Tuccille: I may need five minutes alone with the American public, however, since many of my countrymen apparently think it’s “unfair” that other people have more money than them — and they want the government to give them some of what the other guy has.
Privilegio y pomposidad en la política
“los ricos ya han sido los sujetos de la caridad el tiempo suficiente”
Privilege and Pomposity in Politics
“Rich people have been the subjects of charity long enough.”
Romney’s November Non-Surprise: Why They Never Saw it Coming
Kevin Carson: The central function of a hierarchy is to filter the upward flow of information.
Dear Conservative America
It’s best that you forget both conservatism and elections altogether. Your core values are best advanced by converting to and promoting anarchism, thereby situating yourself as a part of the radical left.
Y… ¿Qué vas a Hacer Cuando la Celebración Haya Terminado?
Kevin Carson: Disfruten plenamente este momento. Sáquenselo del sistema.
The Electoral Suspension of Disbelief
There exists in the country now – and there has existed for some time – an appreciable readiness to, if you will, suspend disbelief when it comes to the claims of politicians.
So, What Are You Doing After the Victory Celebration?
Kevin Carson: By all means, enjoy yourselves. Get it out of your system.
Knapp: A mandate!
Cue the Permanent Campaign
Knapp: Barring the increasingly usual “hanging chad” dramas, the 2012 elections are over. Heave a sigh of relief, take stock of any likely minor changes, and get on with our lives, right? Wrong.
The Conscience of a Vulgar Libertarian
Jason Byas: Wayne Allyn Root is a capitalist evangelist, at least he got one thing right.
The Foreign Policy Debate: Coke or Pepsi?
Kevin Carson: However the 2012 race comes out the foreign policy will be the same, “We come in peace — shoot to kill, shoot to kill…”
The Romney Lexicon: “Free Enterprise” = Corporate Welfare
Carson: So now when you hear Mittens talk about “free enterprise,” you know what he means by it.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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