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Romney’s 2016 Charade is Symbolic of Government
On January 30, two-time Republican Party presidential hopeful Mitt Romney nixed a third go-around, telling supporters via teleconference that he can better serve America by supporting whomever the party chooses as its 2016 presidential nominee. Hallelujah. A third Romney candidacy would have been difficult to stomach. Romney had floated a trial balloon of making “helping the poor”…
Statism and the Illusion of Choice
Sebastian A.B.: Voters place their hope in God-Kings called Presidents, expecting sociopaths to lift them out of servitude. An introductory buckshot critique of the most holy word, “democracy,” or Hans-Herman Hoppe’s “god that failed.”
Ну конечно же они ненавидят капитализм
И поэтому мы должны расказать стольким людям, скольким сможем, что это не единственная альтернатива.
Well of Course They Hate Capitalism
Kevin Carson: As I’ve said many times, if the “free market” meant what the capitalist apologists mean by it, I’d hate it myself.
Cue the Permanent Campaign
Knapp: Barring the increasingly usual “hanging chad” dramas, the 2012 elections are over. Heave a sigh of relief, take stock of any likely minor changes, and get on with our lives, right? Wrong.
The Conscience of a Vulgar Libertarian
Jason Byas: Wayne Allyn Root is a capitalist evangelist, at least he got one thing right.
The Foreign Policy Debate: Coke or Pepsi?
Kevin Carson: However the 2012 race comes out the foreign policy will be the same, “We come in peace — shoot to kill, shoot to kill…”
The Romney Lexicon: “Free Enterprise” = Corporate Welfare
Carson: So now when you hear Mittens talk about “free enterprise,” you know what he means by it.
Election 2012: Oil’s Well That Ends Welfarish
Knapp: Drilling leases on “public” land are just food stamps for Big Oil.
Outra Observação Estúpida de Mitt — Mas Quem Está Contando?
Kevin Carson: Afirma não confiar no governo. É, porém, ou estúpido ou mentiroso.
Corporações São Pessoas? Hitler Também Era
Em outras palavras, a ideologia espúria de “livre mercado” — por oposição à genuína — é o ópio das elites.
The 47% Don’t Pay Taxes? Think Again, Mittens
Carson: Who depends on whom?
Romney, Banks, Regulations and “Garage Loans”
Carson: The state is the instrument of armed force by which an economic ruling class extracts rents from the producing majority of a society.
Election 2012: Mitt Romney’s “Free Economy”
Knapp: The difference between a free economy and an un-free economy IS government — i.e. top-down, hierarchic, uniform, centralized — regulation.
The Joke of Democratic Accountability
Carson: The only real way to achieve social justice is by bypassing the state.
Common Ground!
It occurs to me that Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and I do, in fact, have one extremely significant thing in common …
Reconsidering Redistribution: One Libertarian’s View
David D’Amato on what goes up.
Election 2012: Neither Candidate Has Anything to Fear from the Real “Entitlement” Class
Jason Lee Byas: Who’s really dependent on government?
Election 2012: The Real Lesson of Ballot Access Battles
Knapp: They’re desperate. And they should be.
So 47% of Americans are members of Congress and/or the armed forces?
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory