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Title IX Isn’t the Answer to Gender Discrimination
(TW: Brief discussion of suicide) The Washington Post reports that the state of Texas has begun its court case against the federal government for setting guidelines about treatment of transgender students. The Department of Education has stated that because Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex for institutions that receive federal funding, that…
The Double-Edged Sword of Political Representation
On June 28th 2016 history was made when not only one but two openly transgender candidates won their respective congressional primaries. The victories were even more momentous given the current climate and opinions about the way that trans folks should live their lives. Whether it is about which restrooms they use, the protections they do…
A Couple of Questions for Dr. Richard Ebeling
From C4SS Sr. Fellow Thomas Knapp’s blog, Kn@ppster, In an essay on “the bathroom wars” published yesterday at Epic Times, Dr. Richard Ebeling writes: In government accommodations in such places as, say, courthouses, and in spite of the additional taxpayers’ expense, matching toilet facilities for men and women, there also should be “transgender” facilities of…
Resistenza Dietro le Sbarre
Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women di Victoria Law Quando si parla di prigioni solitamente si pensa a detenuti uomini. Comprensibile, perché i detenuti sono in gran parte uomini. Secondo Victoria Law, però, la popolazione carceraria femminile cresce a ritmi allarmanti. Tra il 1990 e il 2000 le detenute sono aumentate del 108%,…
Resistance Behind Bars
Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women by Victoria Law Conversations about prison typically focus on male prisoners. This is understandable, given that the vast majority of prisoners are men. But according to Victoria Law, the population of women in prison has been growing at an alarming rate. The number of women incarcerated grew…
TERF Hurts
Controversy and the Australian second‑wave feminist Germaine Greer have unfailingly gone hand-in-hand over these last few decades, with much of this attributable to her vocal, yet divisive, opinions about transgender people (mainly trans women in particular). The latest chapter in Greer’s fraught dealings with the transgender community concerned a recent invitation by Cardiff University for…
Marriage Equality: Don’t Let the Good Become the Enemy of the Perfect on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Cory Massimino‘s “Marriage Equality: Don’t Let the Good Become the Enemy of the Perfect” read by Tony Dreher and edited by Nick Ford. Elizabeth Tate reminds us, “The very act of calling it ‘gay rights’ erases the identity and experiences of everyone else within the queer community (gay is only one…
V isn’t Just for Vagina: The Vagina Monologues and Feminism
Recently, the all-woman’s college Mount Holyoke in South Hadley Massachusetts decided to cancel the play production The Vagina Monologues. This, in turn stopped a tradition of having the play performed on Valentine’s day to raise awareness of violence against women. They cited the play as, among other things, transphobic and having an overly narrow and reductionist view…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Sex Work and the Police State
This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Students For Liberty’s New Orleans Regional Conference. It was a delightful event, featuring a talk by C4SS’s own Roderick Long along with many other radical, principled, and insightful speakers. One of the most interesting presentations was by Maggie McNeill, a retired sex worker who blogs at The…
The Weekly Abolitionist: The Prison State’s Ongoing Growth
These days, some policy makers are discussing rolling back America’s system of mass incarceration. Figures from Eric Holder to Rand Paul are proposing eliminating many mandatory minimum sentences. States like Colorado are legalizing marijuana. But while some policy makers talk about shrinking the prison state, prison expansion continues to be pushed and passed by legislators….
Rape Culture, Transphobia and How Communities Can Resist
C4SS Senior Fellow and Lysander Spooner Research Scholar, Nathan Goodman, gives a fantastic presentation on rape culture, transphobia and strategies for resistance for the Genderevolution Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013
Today marks Transgender Day of Remembrance. On this day, transgender and gender non-conforming people join with our allies to mourn and memorialize the transgender and gender non-conforming people who have been killed for who they are.  There’s a lot at stake here. Trans* people, particularly transgender women of color, face horrendous bigotry, violence, and murder….
Liberty and Respect
Libertarian science fiction author J. Neil Schulman made some waves at this year’s Libertopia conference in San Diego, CA when, following Angela Keaton of Anti-War.org’s talk, titled “The War At Home: What Domestic Violence, Homophobia, and Misogyny Have To Do With Empire,” he demanded that Keaton refer to Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, currently serving 35…
Gender Feminism is Libertarian. Stop Saying That Libertarians Should Oppose it.
If gender is used to oppress us, then it’s a meaningful concept to understand if we want to understand the idea of “liberty”.
Transgender Day of Remembrance
Goodman: Anti-transgender violence is a tremendous assault on liberty. Today, let’s remember the dead. Tomorrow, let’s fight for them.
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