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Celebrate Labor Day by Supporting Incarcerated Laborers!
Most of us in the radical labor movement are well aware of the historical bait-and-switch pulled with May Day and the modern American holiday established by the state known as Labor Day. Despite this many anarchists still take Labor Day as an opportunity to spread the message of worker liberation and freedom from capitalism. In…
The Workers Big Labor Forgot
With the passing of “Labor Day” earlier this month it’s useful to reflect upon its origins and the state of the labor movement as it stands today. First celebrated on Sept. 5, 1882 in New York City by members of the Central Labor Union, a branch of the Noble Order of the Knights of Labor…
Missing Comma: Concerning “Horizontal Loyalty” on C4SS Media
C4SS Media presents Trevor Hultner‘s “Missing Comma: Concerning ‘Horizontal Loyalty’” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. I think, for a long time, we’ve been trying to look for new ways to talk about concepts like mutual aid and solidarity; horizontal loyalty, at least as Krulwich describes it (and as Friedman uses it), serves exactly this…
Missing Comma: Concerning “Horizontal Loyalty”
Last week’s blog excerpted a piece from Ann Friedman over at the Columbia Journalism Review that mentioned the term, “horizontal loyalty.” Coined by Radiolab host and longtime public radio producer Robert Krulwich during a commencement speech he gave to UC Berkeley grads in 2011, Friedman used the term as a way to challenge perceptions on…
Ik begin het woord solidariteit te verachten. Ik hoor constant de roep om solidariteit—solidariteit met vrouwen simpelweg omdat ze vrouwen zijn, met anarchisten simpelweg omdat ze anarchisten zijn, met arbeiders simpelweg omdat ze arbeiders zijn. Weet je waar ik aan denk als iemand om solidariteit vraagt? Ik denk aan politieagenten. Niemand toont meer solidariteit dan…
I am really beginning to despise the word solidarity. I’m constantly hearing calls for solidarity – with women just because they’re women, with anarchists just because they’re anarchists, with workers just because they’re workers. Do you know what I think of when someone asks for solidarity? I think of cops. Nobody shows more solidarity than…
A World Divided
After working at the University of Sussex over the summer, myself and two of my best friends embarked on an interrailing trip around Europe. The trip was a wonderful experience and a fantastic chance to visit iconic cities and locations. We managed to see, and do, so much, as is evidenced by this brilliant video my friend made of our…
Stand With Whistleblowers
The recent reports of secret NSA surveillance reveal the important role the whistleblowers play in uncovering government wrongdoing. Edward Snowden is the latest whistleblower to face the Obama administration’s wrath for uncovering executive branch criminality. But another victim of the administration’s War on Whistleblowers is Private Bradley Manning. Manning  currently faces charges of “aiding the…
Class vs. “Identity Politics,” Intersectionality, Etc.: Some General Observations
Carson: Intersectionality undermines the ruling class’s “divide and conquer” strategies of labor market segmentation as a strategy for weakening the bargaining power of labor.
Transgender Day of Remembrance
Goodman: Anti-transgender violence is a tremendous assault on liberty. Today, let’s remember the dead. Tomorrow, let’s fight for them.
OFFICIAL: Leah Has Been Released
First and foremost, do not panic.
Write To Leah and the Other Grand Jury Resisters!
It’s an easy way to show solidarity.
The Anatomy of Escape
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist