Housing for Jessicka Lamb

Help us support and house C4SS writer and friend of the center, Jessicka Lamb!

Jessicka is staying in Dallas, TX with no housing and no ID. After moving to Dallas a few years ago, Jessicka’s wallet — including all her ID documents — was stolen. Shortly after, a series of abusive relationships, that took her from Dallas to Tennessee and back again, prevented Jessicka from getting a new ID and accessing housing.

Without valid ID, Jessicka is cut off from accessing housing, proper medical care, benefits, and many other necessities. She is also suffering from severe stomach problems and was seeking an official Crohn’s diagnosis before moving to Dallas.

Donate here or use the button to the right.

Our hope is that some financial support from the LWMA community can help Jessicka secure housing and get much-needed medical care.

Please give what you can, share this fundraiser, and reach out if you’re familiar with the area and can help connect Jessicka to reliable leftist communities in the Dallas area.

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