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Chelsea Manning is Free! Help Pay Her Fines
Last night, we received the very relieving news that, after yet another suicide attempt while in confinement, a judge has ordered that Chelsea Manning be released after nearly a year of imprisonment for refusal to cooperate with a grand jury. While this is very good news, it doesn’t come without continued challenges. In an attempt…
Chelsea Manning is a Hero and Needs Our Support
You can donate to Chelsea Manning’s legal fund here.  “[I] will accept whatever you bring upon me,” Chelsea Manning told a judge before being jailed for refusing to testify to a grand jury, mostly likely concerning her heroic efforts at leaking American war crimes almost a decade ago. Grand juries are secret hearings designed to…
I’m sorry Eric Garner. I don’t know what else to do.
“I am that whore. I do confess. I put you on just like a wedding dress and run down the aisle.” I’m listening to Wedding Dress by Derek Webb. I go to this song when I’m sad. I’m sad. Beyond angry. Brokenhearted. The Staten Island Grand Jury chose not to indict the officer who choked…
The Grand Jury: An Affront to Liberty and a Political Prisoner Machine
On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, anarchist lawyer and activist Gerald “Jerry” Koch was taken into custody in New York City for refusing to testify before a grand jury regarding the 2008 Times Square Military Recruitment Center bombing. This is the second time Koch has been subpoenaed, after the government informed his lawyers that it was…
OFFICIAL: Leah Has Been Released
First and foremost, do not panic.
Write To Leah and the Other Grand Jury Resisters!
It’s an easy way to show solidarity.
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