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Permitiendo el abuso de niños en Florida
De Thomas J. Webb. Artículo original: Enabling Child Abuse in Florida, del 12 de mayo de 2022. Traducido al español por Camila Figueroa. “Los niños no son propiedad de nadie: no son propiedad de los padres, ni siquiera de la sociedad. Sólo pertenecen a su propia libertad futura”. -Bakunin Como parte de la reciente ola…
Enabling Child Abuse in Florida
“Children do not constitute anyone’s property: they are neither the property of the parents nor even the society. They belong only to their own future freedom.” -Bakunin As part of the recent wave of legislation targeting LGBTQIA people, especially trans minors, Florida passed a law advertised by its proponents as protection for parental rights, HB…
How State Power Perpetuates Transphobic Violence
The human rights of transgender people, and specifically of vulnerable transgender youth, are being systematically denied and dismantled all over the United States. To advance this violent oppression, the states and politicians in question use more than merely legislation and executive orders. Political actors who fear the freeing and transformative power of gender nonconformity employ…
The Hadal Quadrants, Episode 2: Trans Youth Bills
In this episode of The Hadal Quadrants, host Leslee Petersen speaks to activists Ashley Shade and Logan Marie Glitterbomb about queer liberation, Pride, and the recent rash of trans youth bills. Intro music by Joel Williamson Be sure to follow The Hadal Quadrants on Facebook and Twitter. And if you want early access to C4SS podcasts, free swag, and…
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