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The Hadal Quadrants, Episode 2: Trans Youth Bills
In this episode of The Hadal Quadrants, host Leslee Petersen speaks to activists Ashley Shade and Logan Marie Glitterbomb about queer liberation, Pride, and the recent rash of trans youth bills. Intro music by Joel Williamson Be sure to follow The Hadal Quadrants on Facebook and Twitter. And if you want early access to C4SS podcasts, free swag, and…
Green Market Agorist Episode 13: Exploring the Hadal Quadrants (feat. Leslee Petersen)
In this episode of Green Market Agorist, Logan Glitterbomb interviews recent addition to the C4SS podcast team, Leslee Petersen. Leslee joined the team to host The Hadal Quadrants, a new show on the C4SS podcast network. You can find the first episode here. We’ll also soon be migrating Green Market Agorist to the same hosting…
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