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Green Market Agorist Episode 19: Reconciling Social Ecology & Market Anarchism (feat. Mason Herson-Hord of the Institute for Social Ecology)
Can the market anarchist and social ecologist perspectives be reconciled? In this episode of Green Market Agorist, Logan interviews Mason Herson-Hord, an organizer and writer who also serves on the board of the Institute for Social Ecology. They discuss ecological philosophy, Mason’s work, and how markets and ecology might fit together. Now more than ever, these…
Green Market Agorist Episode 16: Pandemic Anarchy (feat. Jeffrey Novatore)
In this month’s episode, Logan Marie Glitterbomb and Jeffrey Novatore talk about anarchism during a pandemic and how to balance rights and safety. Jeffrey Novatore: https://twitter.com/JNovatore
Green Market Agorist Episode 13: Exploring the Hadal Quadrants (feat. Leslee Petersen)
In this episode of Green Market Agorist, Logan Glitterbomb interviews recent addition to the C4SS podcast team, Leslee Petersen. Leslee joined the team to host The Hadal Quadrants, a new show on the C4SS podcast network. You can find the first episode here. We’ll also soon be migrating Green Market Agorist to the same hosting…
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