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Prima Cosa, Ammettere le Torture
È stato pubblicato un sommario minimo, parziale, fortemente censurato del rapporto che il senato americano ha redatto sul programma di torture della Cia dopo l’undici settembre. Il modo in cui i media di regime hanno accolto il rapporto illustra il problema in questione non meno del rapporto in sé. Come direbbe un tossicodipendente che cerca…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 60
Matt Peppe discusses Israrel’s nuclear weapons. Clint Townsend discusses Nathaniel Branden. Jacob Heilbrunn discusses the myth of the ‘liberal” New Republic. David Harsanyi discusses how stupid laws get people killed. Bryan Caplan discusses Paul Krugman’s case against open borders. Claire Wolfe discusses Eric Garner and police brutality. Jacob H. Huebert discusses improving thyself. Lawrence W….
The First Step is Admitting That It’s Torture
The US Senate’s minimal, partial, heavily redacted summary of its report on the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program is out. That report’s reception by establishment media turns out to be at least as demonstrative of the problem it addresses as the report itself. As any recovering addict will helpfully inform you, the first step is admitting the…
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