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No TERFS, No Patriarchy
When the temptation arises To discount one’s contributions to equality  Based solely on what might be between one’s legs Perhaps best not to do so Just because some humans have genitalia that dangle Grotesquely and profanely for all to see And other humans have secret gardens hidden from sight Means nothing in regard to misogyny;…
An Individualist Feminism
A common idea on some parts of the internet is this idea of “redpilling,” and that if you take the “red pill,” you awaken to a new way of thinking. This darkly ironic appropriation of a term coined by trans women, the Wachowskis, usually includes becoming a TERF and anti-feminist, (although it may also include…
How the Bootleggers & Baptists Tale Shows TERFs’ True Colors
The Bootleggers & Baptists allegory is a helpful illustration for understanding the motivations of actors within a regulated industry. Popularized by economist Bruce Yandel, it helps to explain how two seemingly unaligned groups can come together to support the same policy prescription — when they both stand to benefit from the outcomes. It goes like…
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory