No TERFS, No Patriarchy

When the temptation arises

To discount one’s contributions to equality 

Based solely on what might be between one’s legs

Perhaps best not to do so

Just because some humans have genitalia that dangle

Grotesquely and profanely for all to see

And other humans have secret gardens hidden from sight

Means nothing in regard to misogyny;

Or how one feels about patriarchy

Or its destruction

Or how exclusion breeds ignorance

And misunderstanding

Or how it feels to be what some would call a man

A cis-gendered heteronormative individual

And feel like a woman

To be denied a flaming sword by all of femininity

Banned from the holy crusade of equanimity

Simply due to the misfortune

Of being born with one thing

And not the other

So perhaps we can just all join hands

Sing a fucking song 

And destroy the patriarchy together?

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