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The Oath Keepers’ Colonial Mindset
Oath Keeper presence in Ferguson has been an issue boiling beneath the surface since the 2014 riots. Members began showing up when community hostility spilled over into the streets; Oath Keepers appointed themselves protectors of Ferguson property from looters. Reception was mixed, but some members of the community welcomed them and allowed them to patrol their storefronts.
A Riot Broke Out and No One was Surprised on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Ryan Calhoun‘s “A Riot Broke Out and No One was Surprised” read by Thomas J. Webb and edited by Nick Ford. “Many liberal reformists object to rioting as a legitimate tactic of effecting positive change. They cite, as all anti-revolutionaries do, crackdowns on prison life and the possible negative response of outsiders. However,…
Baltimoreans Pushed to Their Limits
We speak of the blowback that results from American foreign policy, the senseless, heinous acts of terror that represent an unfocused and irrational rebellion against American imperialism. We understand that calling it what it is, blowback — pointing out the causal relationship between American foreign policy and terrorism — is not an attempt to exculpate…
È Scoppiata la Rivolta e Nessuno si Sorprende
Il venti febbraio è scoppiata una rivolta nella struttura correttiva di Willacy, un carcere texano per “immigrati illegali”. Duemila detenuti hanno protestato contro l’incuria e il superlavoro. La situazione è peggiorata rapidamente quando i detenuti sono venuti in possesso di armi contundenti, invadendo il cortile e smantellando o bruciando quelle strutture a cui erano incatenati…
A Riot Broke Out and No One was Surprised
A riot broke out on February 20 at Willacy Correctional Facility, a Texas prison for “illegal immigrants.” 2,000 inmates demonstrated against their subjection to neglect and overwork. The situation quickly escalated as inmates armed themselves with blunt instruments, swarming the yard and dismantling and setting fire to the structures they’d been shackled to for too long. As the…
Brazil is Going to Burn, Again
On Thursday, March 13, in interrogating Juliano Torres, executive-director of the Brazilian chapter of Students For Liberty (Estudantes Pela Liberdade – EPL), the Brazilian Federal Police (Polícia Federal) made sure they had all his travel records at hand to make their intimidation tactics appear even punchier. The Federal Police has been summoning for questions (or,…
Being Revolutionary, Being Statist
One of Brazil’s largest newspapers, O Estado de S. Paulo, recently published a few articles on the 50th anniversary of the military takeover of the Brazilian government. One of them, written by an Army general (“A árvore boa,” by Rômulo Bini Pereira) has had some repercussion due to its positive and rose-tinted appraisal of the so…
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