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The Four Day Workweek Is Ripe for the Picking
When talking to your local anarcho-syndicalist on why someone should join their union, they usually give a long list of all the things taken for granted today that are the result of organized labor fights in the past, with the weekend being the most enthusiastically mentioned. Now it is easy to believe that the eight-hour…
Per la Nostra Terra, Contro il Capitalismo Coloniale ad Aotearoa
Di Henry Laws. Originale pubblicato il 17 febbraio 2020 con il titolo Ihumātao: Reclaiming the land and resisting settler colonial capitalism in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Ad Aotearoa, uno dei più importanti conflitti sociali è rappresentato dalla lotta delle popolazioni indigene Maori per riavere le proprie terre, rubate dal governo coloniale neozelandese per…
Ihumātao: Reclaiming the land and resisting settler colonial capitalism in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Artist: Huriana Kopeke-Te Aho In Aotearoa, one of the major forms of social struggle is the indigenous Māori struggling to reclaim the land stolen from them by the New Zealand colonial government as part of the capitalist settler colonisation of Aotearoa. Since 2015, the greatest land struggle in a decade has been happening at Ihumātao…
Australia, Let Tyler the Creator Play
Rapper Tyler Okonma, better known as “Tyler the Creator,” made headlines July 27, when he announced via Twitter that he had been banned from playing shows in Australia. The Australian Department of Immigration has denied this, and states that Tyler’s visa is still under consideration. The alleged ban was blamed on the anti-sexism organization Collective Shout,…
New Zealand is Trolling with its Anti-Trolling Bill
On June 30th, New Zealand’s parliament passed a bill that attempts to outlaw cyber-bullying and other forms of inappropriate online behavior. The Harmful Digital Communications Bill’s maximum penalties include two years in jail or fines of up to $33,900 in American dollars. The law establishes a new agency to investigate damage caused by digital communications. Digital bullying is…
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