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Il Copyright Aiuta a Perpetuare il Neocolonialismo della Conoscenza
Di Vishal Wilde. Originale pubblicato l’undici luglio 2017 con il titolo Copyright Law Helps Perpetuate Neo-Colonial Knowledge-Oligarchies. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Analizzando il ruolo che ha il copyright nel perpetuare le oligarchie che controllano il sapere e ne soffocano la diffusione capillare, appare chiaro che si sta perpetuando una forma di “neocolonialismo”. Il copyright è…
Copyright Law Helps Perpetuate Neo-Colonial Knowledge-Oligarchies
When considering the role that Copyright Law plays in perpetuating Knowledge-Oligarchies and stifling the seamless diffusion of knowledge, it is clear that it also perpetuates a form of ‘Neo-Colonialism’. Copyright is a “legal right that created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use…
How Do You “Get Over” Something That’s Still Going On?
You’ve probably had one of Those People say (usually after sidling up to you, looking around to see if anybody’s listening, and prefacing it with an “I’m not racist, but…” disclaimer) “Slavery was 150 years ago — they need to get over it!” Or maybe it’s ethnic cleansing episodes like Tulsa (“90 years ago”), or…
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