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Recensione di Steal This Film: Guarda, Condividi, Copia!!
[Di James C. Wilson. Originale pubblicato su Center for a Stateless Society il 7 gennaio 2017 con il titolo Steal This Film Review: See it, Share it, Copy it!! Traduzione di Enrico Sanna.] Se siete abbastanza interessati da leggere quanto segue, allora guardate il film. Steal This Film è disponibile gratis su Youtube e altrove su internet…
Steal This Film Review: See it, Share it, Copy it!!
If you are interested enough to read this, you might as well just watch the movie. Steal This Film is available for free on Youtube and other locations on the internet and is less than an hour and twenty minutes in length. The film was created by a group calling itself the League of Noble Peers, for the…
Only Thrice Upon a Dream?
Having netted a half-billion dollars and counting for Disney, Maleficent is the latest proof of just how lucrative successively building upon established properties can be in today’s economy. The film benefited from being uniquely able to draw on all the elements of Disney’s perennially popular animated feature version of Sleeping Beauty, which in turn overtly incorporated both the melodies…
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