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Mutual Exchange Radio: Two Episodes!
Please pardon our absence! As you can probably guess, the pandemic and related stresses led to a bump in our production schedule. But now, we’re back on track — and have two fresh episodes to boot… First, check out our interview with Libertarian Party presidential hopeful Vermin Supreme. You might know Vermin as the candidate…
Mutual Exchange Radio: Jason Lee Byas on Methodological Anarchism
Our next episode is with C4SS fellow Jason Lee Byas. Jason is also a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Michigan and his academic work focuses on punishment (and its alternatives), rights theory, and justice beyond the state. Today, we discussed some recent work he’s been doing on “methodological anarchist” approaches to political…
L’individualismo Verso l’abolizione del Sé
Di Frank Miroslav. Originale pubblicato il 17 dicembre 2019 con il titolo Individualism Towards Abolition of the Self. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Nell’attuale discorso politico, individualismo è uno dei termini più distorti. Parlando di individualismo, si tende a confondere, a mettere assieme, due versioni dello stesso rappresentandole come inseparabili. La prima è “individualismo etico”, che…
Individualism Towards Abolition of the Self
One of the most twisted words in today’s political discourse is individualism. When people talk about individualism, they tend to conflate two types of individualism and present them as inseparable. The first is ethical individualism which sees the individual as the most important ethical consideration. The second is methodological individualism which sees the individual as…
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