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Cory Massimino on Politics For People Who Hate Politics
C4SS Fellow Cory Massimino participates in Lucy Steigerwald’s show Politics For People Who Hate Politics. C4SS Fellow Ryan Calhoun, also, gets an honorable mention. A libertarian podcast where ranting is optional, and smashing the state is mandatory. Our enthusiastic, liberty-loving panel discussed President Obama’s immigration order and the dangers of executive power — even when…
Talking About Whistleblowers on the Jake Shannon Show
Today I had the great pleasure of appearing on my friend Jake Shannon’s radio show. Mostly we discussed WikiLeaks whistleblower Pfc. Manning, and the work I’m doing with Freedom Torch in Salt Lake to stand in solidarity with Manning and other whistleblowers. C4SS was one of the first sponsors of the Freedom Torch Parade. While whistleblowers were the…
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