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Hapishanelerin Lağvedilmesi Uygulanabilir Bir Yöntemdir
Okumak üzere olduğunuz makale, Nathan Goodman tarafından kaleme alınmış, 26 Temmuz 2013 tarihinde C4SS’de yayınlanmıştır. Efsa tarafından Türkçe ‘ye çevrilmiştir. Kaliforniya’da mahkumlar korkunç insan hakları ihlallerine karşı mücadele ediyor. Bu yazının yazıldığı zamanlar üçüncü haftasına giren açlık grevine yaklaşık 1,000 mahkum katılmaya devam ediyordu. Grev başladığında 30,000 mahkum yemek yemeyi reddetmişti. Mahkumlar, BM, John McCain…
You Cannot Exonerate Prisons
A recent study conducted by The National Registry of Exonerations found that in 2015 there were a total of 149 people who were exonerated for a myriad of reasons. The exonerations revolved around convictions that were based on police misconduct, false confessions and in some cases, the fact that no crime had occurred. In addition,…
Hate Crimes: Bernie Sanders’s Political Theater
Presidential contender and “progressive” hero Bernie Sanders has been rightfully criticized for his support of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. The act, also known as the “Biden Crime Bill,” dramatically increased police presence and funding, banned “assault weapons,” and created strict new sentencing guidelines. Somehow Sanders has managed to escape criticism for…
Mr. President, Chelsea Manning Would Like a Word on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Nick Ford‘s “Mr. President, Chelsea Manning Would Like a Word” read by Mike Godzina and, again, edited by Nick Ford. But if I had to pick one of the most egregious quotes from Obama it’s this: “[W]e defend free speech, and advocate for political prisoners, and condemn the persecution of women, or religious minorities,…
Mr. President, Chelsea Manning Would Like a Word
As usual, the State of the Union address was a top to bottom massacre of verbiage. Every year the English language struggles to survive an onslaught of what can only be described as total verbal hangover from a year of rhetorical binge drinking. Somehow, some way, one man manages to stand on a platform (while two other…
The Black Hole of the American Injustice System on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents David S. D’Amato‘s “The Black Hole of the American Injustice System” read by Christopher B. King and edited by Nick Ford. And while consumers pay top dollar for the prisoners’ expensive wares — and companies like Colorado Corrections Industries rake in millions — the prisoners themselves often make as little as 60 cents per…
The Cynicism and Futility of Imprisonment on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents David Grobgeld‘s “The Cynicism and Futility of Imprisonment” read Christopher King and edited by Nick Ford. The prison system is built on a fundamental paradox of principles. On the one hand, its defenders make pragmatic, consequentialist arguments like “we need to send a clear message to criminals.” But all evidence points to…
The Black Hole of the American Injustice System
Though many Americans know that prisoners often work while behind bars, the conditions under which they toil may be less than clear. Fortune magazine made waves this summer when it reported that “[p]rison labor has gone artisanal,” revealing a multimillion dollar business that puts convicts to work making everything from specialty motorcycles to goat cheese sold at…
The Cynicism And Futility Of Imprisonment
A new report from the Swedish Prison and Probation Service claims that 46 percent of Sweden’s inmates are mentally ill, that 70 percent have severe drug problems and that these problems mostly have their origins in early life. As elsewhere, Sweden’s prison population is made up of the most disenfranchised, poorest and most vulnerable elements…
Prison Abolition is Practical
In California, prisoners are fighting back against appalling human rights violations. Their hunger strike is into its third week, with nearly 1,000 inmates still participating. When the strike began, 30,000 prisoners refused meals. The prisoners are striking against long term solitary confinement, a punishment recognized as a form of torture by sources as diverse as…
Talking About Whistleblowers on the Jake Shannon Show
Today I had the great pleasure of appearing on my friend Jake Shannon’s radio show. Mostly we discussed WikiLeaks whistleblower Pfc. Manning, and the work I’m doing with Freedom Torch in Salt Lake to stand in solidarity with Manning and other whistleblowers. C4SS was one of the first sponsors of the Freedom Torch Parade. While whistleblowers were the…
Speaking On Liberty: Nathan Goodman
In this episode of Speaking On Liberty’s Jason Lee Byas, Grayson English and Kyle Platt interview C4SS Fellow and Dissenting Leftist blogger Nathan Goodman about the the US prison system.
Mantenhamos as Famílias Juntas: Mensagem Anarquista de Natal
Neste Natal, peço encarecidamente a você que mantenha as famílias juntas. Rogo que você se articule contra o complexo industrial prisional e o aparato do estado que já fizeram em pedaços tantas famílias.
Keep Families Together: An Anarchist Christmas Message
This Christmas, I urge you to keep families together. I urge you to organize against the prison industrial complex and the state apparatus that have broken so many families apart.
A Libertarian Conversation on the Prison Industrial Complex
The conversation on prison profiteering and the American state’s slave trade hits the radio!
Jane Marquardt: “Progressive” Prison Profiteer
When “progressive” Democrats profit from caging and abusing immigrants, the poor, people of color, transgender women, and LGBT youth, it’s time to leave the party.
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