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Bradley Manning: The Mighty Fist!
On Wednesday, we learned the fate of American whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning. Manning was sentenced to  35 years in prison for leaking documentation of war crimes to Wikileaks, after conviction on violating key provisions of the Espionage Act (an act which is in and of itself an offense to liberty and repeatedly abused by the…
A Reação do Estado a Snowden Mostra Por Que o Estado Está Fadado ao Fracasso
Em 2006 Ori Brafman e Rod Beckstrom, em A Estrela-do-Mar e a Aranha, contrastaram o modo pelo qual redes e hierarquias reagem a ataques vindos de fora. As redes, quando atacadas, tornam-se ainda mais descentralizadas e capazes de pronta recuperação. Bom exemplo são Napster e sucessores, cada um dos quais aproximou-se mais estreitamente de modelo ideal de ponto-a-ponto,…
O Julgamento de Fachada de Manning: Esses Momentos Instrutivos
Estou chocado — chocado! — com o fato de a Coronela Denise Lind, juíza militar que sentenciou, em fevereiro, que Bradley Manning poderia ser julgado em função de diversas acusações mesmo depois de ter ficado preso antes de ser denunciado por mais do que cinco vezes o período mais longo total especificado nas regras das Forças…
The Security State’s Reaction to Snowden Shows Why It’s Doomed
Back in 2006 Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom, in The Starfish and the Spider, contrasted the way networks and hierarchies respond to outside attacks. Networks, when attacked, become even more decentralized and resilient. A good example is Napster and its successors, each of which has more closely approached an ideal peer-to-peer model, and further freed…
O Que Torna Bradley Manning Herói?
Na quarta-feira, 21 de julho, membros do grupo do Facebook savebradley estimularam apoiadores a mudar suas fotos de perfil para dizerem “Google Bradley Manning.” O grupo espera suscitar interesse público no soldado do Exército dos Estados Unidos que foi detido em conexão com o aparecimento de material secreto no website Wikileaks. O material em razão do qual Manning…
Manning Show Trial Exposes the Fraud of Representative Democracy
Major Ashlend Fein, US Army prosecutor in Bradley Manning’s court martial, caught my attention when he referred to Manning as an “anarchist” in closing arguments. As an anarchist, I’d be proud to share that label with Manning. But I’ve never heard from any reliable source that he considers himself one. Manning — if indeed guilty…
Dear President Obama, I possess neither Emile Zola’s writing talent nor his penchant for presidential flattery, but I think I may perhaps lay rightful claim to some semblance of his well-developed sense of moral outrage. I address you as “president” only as a concession to popular convention. In truth, your claimed authority is a fraud,…
The Manning Show Trial: These Teachable Moments
I’m shocked — shocked! — that Colonel Denise Lind, the military judge who ruled in February that Bradley Manning could be tried on various charges even after being held prior to arraignment for more than five times the absolute longest time specified in the US Armed Forces’ “speedy trial” rules, has now also ruled that…
Zimmerman and Manning: The Demands of Justice
Long after the February 2012 shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, defendant George Zimmerman, has been found not guilty by a jury of his peers. The case has remained a hot topic for media since it was first reported. The unarmed teenager was shot and killed in a street fight with Zimmerman, a 29-year-old member of his neighborhood…
Talking About Whistleblowers on the Jake Shannon Show
Today I had the great pleasure of appearing on my friend Jake Shannon’s radio show. Mostly we discussed WikiLeaks whistleblower Pfc. Manning, and the work I’m doing with Freedom Torch in Salt Lake to stand in solidarity with Manning and other whistleblowers. C4SS was one of the first sponsors of the Freedom Torch Parade. While whistleblowers were the…
Stand With Whistleblowers
The recent reports of secret NSA surveillance reveal the important role the whistleblowers play in uncovering government wrongdoing. Edward Snowden is the latest whistleblower to face the Obama administration’s wrath for uncovering executive branch criminality. But another victim of the administration’s War on Whistleblowers is Private Bradley Manning. Manning  currently faces charges of “aiding the…
Inimigo Público Número Um: O Público
É importante, ao ouvirmos os formadores oficiais de opinião na mídia, perguntarmo-nos o que eles realmente querem dizer com as palavras que usam. Como Orwell destacou em “A Política e a Língua Inglesa,” aqueles no poder usam a linguagem para obscurecer o significado, mais amiúde do que para torná-lo inteligível. Bom exemplo é a recorrência…
Public Enemy Number One: The Public
It’s important, when listening to the official shapers of opinion in the media, to ask ourselves what they really mean by the words they use. As Orwell pointed out in “Politics and the English Language,” those in power use language to obscure meaning more often than to convey it. A good example is the recurrence…
Lindsey Graham as Julian Assange
What is wrong with Wikileaks, again?
Outro Herói do Movimento da Liberdade: Jeremy Hammond
Carson: Stratfor está do lado do mal e as alegadas ações de Hammond contra ela foram inteiramente justificadas. Condeno a detenção e o processo contra ele.
Bradley Manning: Soldado Que Realmente “Defendeu Nossa Liberdade”
Se há soldado em algum lugar do mundo que já lutou e sofreu por minha liberdade, é o soldado de primeira classe Bradley Manning.
Another Hero of the Freedom Movement: Jeremy Hammond
Jeremy Hammond: A hero like unto Assange and Manning
The President Versus Human Rights
Darian Worden: Evidence of the danger posed by Barack Obama and the US government continues to pile up.
Bradley Manning: One Soldier Who Really Did “Defend Our Freedom”
Kevin Carson: “I think the last time American soldiers actually fought for the freedom of Americans was probably the Revolutionary War . . . But I can think of one exception.”
What Makes Chelsea Manning a Hero?
Darian Worden: Heroes overcome their flaws to do great things.
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