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Indiana Prosecutor Helps Put a Face to Prisons
There are many ways to handle the epidemic of over-crowding in prisons. We could start by ending the war on drugs — one of the major culprits. As part of drug war reform, non-violent drug offenders should cease being imprisoned. We could also address racial discrimination and its many contributions to the problem. From there, we…
Government Spies See Opportunity in Terrorist Attack
As if they weren’t Machiavellian enough, spy agencies are evidently waiting for the next terrorist attack to change public opinion on the need for encryption backdoors, reports The Washington Post. The intelligence community’s top lawyer, Robert S. Litt, lamented in a leaked email that “the legislative environment is very hostile today … [but] it could…
Blake’s Police Encounter Highlights Imbalance of Power
Retired black tennis star James Blake, on his way to the 2015 US Open at Flushing Meadows in New York, had an unpleasant surprise waiting for him outside of his hotel last week. Upon exiting the hotel, he was attacked and brutally slammed to the ground by a large white man. The assailant turned out…
The Oath Keepers’ Colonial Mindset
Oath Keeper presence in Ferguson has been an issue boiling beneath the surface since the 2014 riots. Members began showing up when community hostility spilled over into the streets; Oath Keepers appointed themselves protectors of Ferguson property from looters. Reception was mixed, but some members of the community welcomed them and allowed them to patrol their storefronts.
People Still Can’t Breathe. Police Still Don’t Care
Little more than a year after the death of Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD, another man with a family and a case of asthma has been killed by a reckless police force. Troy Goode was visiting Mississippi for a concert. As many concert goers do, Goode got drunk. Goode’s wife, who was…
Constitutional Law Under Anarchy
One of the biggest challenges to the complete decoupling of the provision of law from the state, with a free market of security and adjudication, is the possibility that these entities would collude against their customers. Economically, it is noted that consumers would lose some money while the collusion in the supply of goods and…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Gun Control, Structural Racism, and the Prison State
An excellent article published last week by Radley Balko in The Washington Post explores the racially discriminatory consequences of gun control laws in the United States, as illustrated through the lens of several recent news stories. Balko begins by discussing the arrest of Shaneen Allen: Last October, Shaneen Allen, 27, was pulled over in Atlantic…
Waco e 20 Anos de Terror de Estado
The following article is translated into Portuguese from the English original, written by Anthony Gregory. O artigo a seguir foi escrito por Anthony Gregory e publicado por O Estandarte Libertário, 18 de abril de 2013. Há algo com abril. De Columbine à Virginia Tech, de Oklahoma City a Boston, meado a fim de abril ocasiona alguns dos mais execráveis massacres em…
Waco and 20 Years of State Terror
Gregory: Twenty years ago, Waco showed Americans the truth about law enforcement, the U.S. government, and the state itself.
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