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Unions as an Alternative to State Licensing
In this day and age under the United States government, it’s nearly impossible to legally get a skilled job without a professional license. According to Matt Miller of the Texas Institute for Justice, the issue of over-licensing has become so rampant that “[a]bout one in three people now need the government’s permission to work.” It…
Abolish Work: A Lazy Review of a Lazy Exposition of Philosophical Ergophobia
Abolish Work: A Lazy Exposition of Philosophical Ergophobia (LBC Books 2016), by Nick Ford It’s “no class but the leisure class” in Nick Ford’s new book: Abolish Work: A Lazy Exposition of Philosophical Ergophobia. Before continuing, I must acknowledge that this book includes two essays written by yours truly, which are credited to “Mr. Wilson”. Both…
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Numa comunidade humana saudável, os empregos nem são necessários nem desejáveis.
Dark Satanic Cubicles — It’s time to smash the job culture!
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