Obama: Living and Dying by the Sword in Iraq
In a move that should surprise no one, Reuters reports that the Obama administration announced that they’re going to deploy 200 more troops to Iraq. This doesn’t include the additional advisors, Apache helicopters and other gadgets that the US government has authorized to send to Iraq, nor the additional troops to Syria. At a recent…
Don’t Say “Radical” if You Mean “Violent”
It’s about time someone challenged the phrase radical Islamic terrorism. The most objectionable part is the word radical since it is now popularly associated with aggression — violence against innocents — as an acceptable means to politico-religious ends. But nothing about the word radical implies approval of aggression or terrorism. Rather, the word signifies an approach that goes to the…
Come Rispondere agli Attacchi di Parigi
Guardate, neanche i regimi autoritari e totalitari possono evitare il terrorismo interno. Allora, che speranze può avere una società relativamente aperta? Una società aperta abbonda di “facili bersagli”, ovvero di persone inermi che ogni giorno vanno e vengono liberamente. Sono un bersaglio facile per chi vuole il male, specie se gli assalitori cercano la morte….
How to Respond to the Paris Attacks
Look, even authoritarian and totalitarian states can’t prevent domestic terrorism. What hope do relatively open societies have? Open societies abound with “soft targets”; that is, noncombatants going about their everyday lives. They are easy hits for those determined to inflict harm, especially if the assailants seek to die in the process. We also know, as…
Barack Obama Terrorista
National Public Radio (Npr) ha condotto il suo programma “La Settimana Politica” del dodici settembre con un’analisi del messaggio alla nazione in cui Obama ha parlato dello Stato Islamico. Giornalisti e mezzibusti hanno discusso i fondamenti del messaggio: È stato abbastanza duro? Riuscirà nel suo compito? Chi c’è dietro Isis? Ripensandoci, mi sono accorto che…
Barack Obama: Terrorist
National Public Radio (NPR) led its “Week in Politics” program of September 12 off with analysis of US president Barack Obama’s address to the nation on the Islamic State. Various journalists and talking heads discussed the fundamentals of Obama’s speech — was it strong enough, will it get the job done, just who is ISIS anyway? Afterward, I realized the United…
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