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La Pelosità del “Crimine d’odio”
Di Alex McHugh. Originale pubblicato il 4 aprile 2019 con il titolo The Pernicious Protection of “Hate Crime” Laws. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Prima o poi la politica doveva saltare sul carro della protezione della “libera espressione”. Leggi come quella approvata nello Utah, che intende proteggere le opinioni politiche, non hanno niente a che vedere…
The Pernicious Protection of “Hate Crime” Laws
It was only a matter of time before state legislatures jumped onto the bandwagon of “free expression” protection measures. Truly, laws like Utah’s recent bill to include political expression as a protected class in the state, have nothing to do with free expression itself. Instead, they are an outgrowth of the — largely false —…
Hate Crimes: Bernie Sanders’s Political Theater
Presidential contender and “progressive” hero Bernie Sanders has been rightfully criticized for his support of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. The act, also known as the “Biden Crime Bill,” dramatically increased police presence and funding, banned “assault weapons,” and created strict new sentencing guidelines. Somehow Sanders has managed to escape criticism for…
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