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How Go Became The Favorite Game Of Anarchists And Libertarians
The following article, “Cómo el Go se convirtió en el juego favorito de anarquistas y libertarios,” was written by David de Ugarte and published on El Correo de las Indias, January 17, 2014. When the British Go Association proposed to fund a strategy to promote the game and commissioned a study on its image, the result was surprising [PDF]:…
A Renegade History of Hyrule
Jon Hochschartner’s article in Salon on Saturday argues that the classic video game “The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time” is a mess of classist, racist, and sexist tropes. He will get no argument from me on the sexism score — the entire series is focused on rescuing the princess, again and again. But on the…
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