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Review: The People’s Republic of Walmart
Let me begin by saying that I’m glad this book exists. Phillips and Rozworski are upfront about their book not containing any radical new insights into questions of economic planning, but instead they compile arguments made by others in a highly readable format, something that those on the left who argue for economic planning have…
La Questione dell’ampiezza di Banda Economica
Di Frank Miroslav. Originale pubblicato il 14 maggio 2018 con il titolo The Economic Bandwidth Problem. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. In questi ultimi trent’anni a sinistra si è rinverdito l’interesse per organizzazioni economiche non di mercato. Alla base c’è una confluenza di fattori, uno dei quali è il fatto che, data l’ubiquità del capitalismo dopo…
The Economic Bandwidth Problem
In the last three decades, we’ve seen a resurgence in the popularity of left wing, non-market approaches to economic organizing. The rise results from a confluence of factors, one part of the story being that the economic left has largely been freed of material reality since the ubiquity of capitalism after the fall of the…
The Anti-Politician Politician
The good news about the presidential election season is that so many voters seem disgusted with career politicians. The bad news is that these voters are naively opting for “outsiders” who in reality are just politicians in another form. They are anti-politician politicians. This, I submit, is not progress. It is certainly a hopeful sign…
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