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An Anarchist Take on Antitrust Laws: Dangers and Possibilities
Monopolies are pretty much universally bad. This is an uncontroversial position amongst anarchists who principally define themselves in opposition to the state, which Max Weber, in “Politics as Vocation,” defines as the monopoly upon force and the approval of the use of force in a geographic area. Benjamin Tucker, the great American individualist anarchist, defines…
Open Competition as “Competition Law”
A recent story in the Wall Street Journal highlights the “growing roster of countries” that now want a say in the world’s major corporate mergers. Given the interconnectedness of today’s global economy, it is no wonder that more than 100 international jurisdictions now claim antitrust authority to examine deals, all “embracing different approaches for evaluating…
Walter Block’s Wrong Headed Anti-Unionism
Walter Block recently penned a piece arguing that libertarianism is neither left nor right. In it he argues that libertarians share an anti-unionist bias with the right. It may be true that many libertarians possess an anti-union bias, but that says nothing about the normative compatibility of unions with libertarian principles. It also ignores those…
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