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An Imagined Conversation on Eco-Economic Development
Andrew turned suddenly toward Julia and, with the distinct disdain for anything ‘liberal’ that identified him as either a leftist or a conservative, spoke bluntly: “You care so much about the environment that you don’t even care about people. Are people in the ‘third world’ just supposed to give up factories? I’m not saying the…
Liberate la Popolazione, non i Popoli
Di Black Cat. Originale pubblicato il 26 maggio 2019 con il titolo Liberate People, Not Peoples. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Dico subito che sono americano. Le questioni esposte qui riguardano (non solo, es) la sinistra americana. Il mio paese ha orribili responsabilità in fatto di interventi in tutto il mondo, i militari americani hanno lasciato…
Liberate People, Not Peoples
Before I begin, I suppose I should mention that I am an American. I will be, for the most part, addressing issues within the American left. Within that perspective is a recognition of my home country’s disastrous role in interventions across the world, and the large footprint that American military activity has left on other…
Foreign Policy Comes Back to Haunt Us
From the start, opponents of the American empire warned that the government could not violate the rights of foreigners without eventually violating the rights of Americans. An excellent example is William Graham Sumner’s post-Spanish-American War classic The Conquest of the United States by Spain. The anti-imperialists were spot-on, and the evidence for their case keeps…
Tony Dreher Interviews Kelly Vee
C4SS’s Tony Dreher (Senior Fellow & Audio/Visual Coordinator) and Kelly Vee (Advisor & Intern) recently sat down for a discussion surrounding Vee’s intellectual roots and her metamorphosis into a vegan, individualist anarcha-feminist. The audio clip is a little over 20 minutes.
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Markets Not Capitalism
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