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Against New eBay Regulations!
Recently I received an email from eBay outlining the following: Tell Congress to Stop Requiring Unnecessary Tax Reporting and Protect Seller Privacy A problematic tax reporting provision will force millions of Americans to receive confusing and burdensome IRS forms. These additional income tax forms (1099-K) will be issued for the sale of virtually all goods,…
Austin Inadvertently Promotes Open-Source Ride-Sharing
Austin voters, in a referendum last month, rejected a measure to overturn local regulations of so-called “ride-sharing” services. Although the main backing for the regulations was the legacy taxicab monopolies (which resented having to compete with even proprietary monopolies like Uber and Lyft), the result of leaving them in place has been to promote the…
Neoliberalism Infects the EU Debate
As a libertarian anarchist, I will most likely vote to leave the EU on June 23rd. The EU, with its supranational corporatism and affirmation of legislation writ-large, goes against my fundamental principles, that of popular litigiousness expressed through common law and a belief in freed markets and radical decentralism. However, none of these principles are…
Tony Dreher Interviews Kelly Vee
C4SS’s Tony Dreher (Senior Fellow & Audio/Visual Coordinator) and Kelly Vee (Advisor & Intern) recently sat down for a discussion surrounding Vee’s intellectual roots and her metamorphosis into a vegan, individualist anarcha-feminist. The audio clip is a little over 20 minutes.
Force Rules Everything Around Us
A little ways into The Utopia of Rules, an anarchist critique of state and corporate bureaucracy, author David Graeber asks, “Why are we so confused about what police really do?” It’s an important question, as the problem of police violence and impunity in America can no longer be ignored. For far too long, argues Graeber,…
Regulation Red Herring on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents “Regulation Red Herring” from the book Markets Not Capitalism, written by Sheldon Richman, read by Stephanie Murphy and edited by Nick Ford. What’s overlooked—intentionally or not—is that the alternative to a government-regulated economy is not an unregulated one. As a matter of fact, “unregulated economy,” like square circle, is a contradiction in terms. If it’s…
Guerra cibernética: O inimigo é você
O Bloomberg relata que “o maior grupo comercial de Wall Street propõe a criação de um conselho de guerra cibernética formado pelo governo e pela indústria”, liderados por um “representante da Casa Branca”e composto por nomes da indústria financeira e nada menos que oito agências federais americanas. O “grupo comercial” supracitado, a Securities Industry and…
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