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Nuestra cultura de las armas frente a nuestros derechos sobre las armas
De Thomas J. Webb. Artículo original: Our Gun Culture Versus Our Gun Rights, del 2 de abril de 2016. Traducido al español por Vince Cerberus. La opinión de consenso de las personas a favor y en contra de las armas en Estados Unidos es que nuestra cultura de las armas protege los derechos de las armas. Creo…
Las limitaciones del contra-elitismo
De Spooky. Artículo original: The Limitations of Contra-Elitism, publicado el 31 de mayo de 2022. Traducido al español por Vince Cerberus. El 21 de mayo de 2021, el Centro publicó un artículo de Andrew Kemle titulado “Libertarianism vs Psychopathic Dumbfuckery”. El artículo analiza el papel activo de Rand Paul en la campaña de desinformación en curso contra…
The Limitations of Contra-Elitism
On May 21st, 2021, the Center published a piece by Andrew Kemle titled “Libertarianism vs Psychopathic Dumbfuckery.” The article discusses Rand Paul’s active role in the ongoing disinformation campaign against vaccination and COVID response more generally, focusing specifically on his promotion of conspiracies blaming eminent immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci and the U.S. government for “creating…
Our Gun Culture Versus Our Gun Rights
The consensus view of both pro-gun and anti-gun people in America is that our gun culture protects gun rights. I believe this needs to be questioned. Individuals who face the highest risk of being violated are the most likely to not have full gun rights. American gun culture is joined at the hip with attitudes…
Obama’s Tears for Ableist Fears
(Content Warning: Brief discussions of suicide) President Obama has announced executive actions in response to the “outbreak” of gun violence. In particular Obama has said he’ll increase the efficiency of background checks. Obama’s reasoning comes from the belief that gun violence is on the rise. But as Reason‘s Jesse Walker reported in early December, “More people die in…
Tony Dreher Interviews Kelly Vee
C4SS’s Tony Dreher (Senior Fellow & Audio/Visual Coordinator) and Kelly Vee (Advisor & Intern) recently sat down for a discussion surrounding Vee’s intellectual roots and her metamorphosis into a vegan, individualist anarcha-feminist. The audio clip is a little over 20 minutes.
Arm the Mentally Ill
On August 7th, movie theater shooter James Holmes was sentenced to life in prison. At the sentencing hearing, Holmes’s mother pleaded that he was a sweet, innocent boy whose mental illness haunted him and eventually turned him into a murderer. From Columbine to Charleston, every time a white man opens fire, mental illness is the…
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