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The Tithe as an Element of Economic Democracy: Decentralizing Collectivization
Introduction: Towards a Combined Anarchist and Communist Approach to the Question of Central Economic Planning This essay deals with the question of central economic planning, or minimum viable economic planning (MVEP) from both anarchist and communist perspectives. The central operative terms will be collectivization, or the process of pooling resources to be shared at the…
Action Is Sometimes Clearer Than Talk: Why We Will Always Need Trade
Is it possible for our enemies to discover actual insights? The impulse to deny this is universal. The third reich dismissed special relativity as “Jewish physics” and lost significant advantage. The USSR worried that accepting Darwin’s insights in evolution would open the floodgates to capitalist social darwinism and so they hurt themselves by sticking with…
Vulgar Anarcho-Communism: Pacifying Anti-Statism
Radical positions are always a hard sell. To some extent, this is an inherent aspect of advocating any alternative system of social organization, instead of just proposing reform and “bipartisan solutions.” Some, perhaps too many, have attempted to dull the edges of their political labels by wrapping their ideology in broader language, using “common sense”…
C4SS Mutual Exchange Symposium: Decentralization and Economic Coordination
Mutual Exchange is the Center for a Stateless Society’s effort to achieve mutual understanding through dialogue. In this fecund moment of global political collapse and upheaval, amidst pandemics and police repression, there are also seeds of a better world being planted. It is in this spirit that we open this Summer Mutual Exchange on Decentralization…
Anarchist Ends, Market Means
Zine form can be found here! Markets are not my end goal. My end goal is anarchism which will always look like something just beyond the horizon of my knowledge. Markets unleash the creative complexity that make the dynamic testing of a wide range of liberatory strategies more meaningfully possible. This very same complexity makes…
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