William Gillis Appointed Coordinating Director
The Center for a Stateless Society has appointed William Gillis as Coordinating Director effective May 1st, replacing James Tuttle. William Gillis has previously served as designer, developer and sysadmin for the Center’s various web resources, and before that as editor and publisher of physical media. Gillis was introduced to anarchism by his activist father as…
Kevin Carson’s Desktop Regulatory State
C4SS Senior Fellow Kevin Carson’s book The Desktop Regulatory State: The Countervailing Power of Individuals and Networks, a project of five years work, is now in print. It’s also available online here. Here’s a description C4SS Senior Fellow Gary Chartier — who’s also responsible for the beautiful interior and cover design — wrote for the…
C4SS Now Available Directly as a Tor Onion Service
The Center for a Stateless Society is pleased to announce that we now support access to this site directly through the Tor network as an Onion Service. Practically, this means that if you visit the address vhgli4v7feaaz7ka.onion through the Tor Browser you will see the content of c4ss.org, but without your request to our server…
Kevin Carson’s “Studies in Mutualist Political Economy” Now Available in Polish Translation
Kevin Carson: My first book, Studies in Mutualist Political Economy (Blitzprint 2004, CreateSpace 2007; Kindle edition) has been translated into Polish through the gracious efforts of a collective of translators including Krzysztof Śledziński.
In Solidarity with the Raided and Subpoenaed
C4SS stands in solidarity with those targeted by state repression.
Release — Wasted: Carson on the Political Class versus Leisure
Per the conventional wisdom, big government and high tax rates reduce the incentive to work. And that may be true — to a degree. But, shows Center for a Stateless Society Research Associate Kevin Carson in a new research study, the modern corporate capitalist economic paradigm utilizes an ethos of waste to enrich the privileged by artificially promoting work over leisure.
RELEASE: Anarchists Launch Wikileaks Mirror, Assistance Program
For Immediate Release 12/05/10 POC Thomas L. Knapp Media Contact: media@c4ss.org 530-618-C4SS Technical Contact: admin@c4ss.org ANARCHISTS LAUNCH WIKILEAKS MIRROR, ASSISTANCE PROGRAM December 5th — “Censorship has always been wrong and irresponsible,” says Brad Spangler. “Now it’s another thing: Impossible.” Spangler, director of the Center for a Stateless Society, announced on Sunday that the Center is…
STUDY: The Market, Not Government, Is The Worker’s Friend
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 30 – In the Center for a Stateless Society’s latest study, “Labor Struggle: A Free Market Model,” C4SS Research Associate Kevin Carson examines the role of state labor regulation in halting the progress of unionism and explores the real source of pre-Wagner Act gains for labor: Direct action and worker solidarity in the face of combined state and corporate power.
Study: “Progressive” is the new “Reactionary”
A new study from the Center for a Stateless Society makes the case for progressives as the bitter-enders of a social project made obsolete by liberating technologies and the production and distribution methods those technologies make possible.
Kevin Carson named Research Associate at C4SS
Celebrated yet controversial left-libertarian author becomes first C4SS paid staff member.
Anarchists launch major media offensive
A tiny think tank has set out on a project to provide ongoing news commentary in order to promote their set of views, known as market anarchism.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory