William Gillis Appointed Coordinating Director

The Center for a Stateless Society has appointed William Gillis as Coordinating Director effective May 1st, replacing James Tuttle.

William Gillis has previously served as designer, developer and sysadmin for the Center’s various web resources, and before that as editor and publisher of physical media.

Gillis was introduced to anarchism by his activist father as a child and has been organizing politically as an anarchist since 1999. He has consistently and diligently worked to highlight the necessity of markets to leftists and radicals since 2003. His conversion started while locking down the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon the day the US invaded Iraq, when he ended up spending a marathon 8 hours debating a right-libertarian counter-protester and then stayed up through the morning reading.

His writing has emphasized the boundless promethean aspirations of anarchism, highlighted the sometimes complex interpersonal and philosophical commitments entailed by liberty, and has sought to bridge the gaps between various discourses on anarchist economics. He has blogged at Human Iterations since 2003, authoring rants, articles, and monographs that have been republished in numerous collections, including Markets Not Capitalism.

As an anarchist he has organized, founded, led, and collaborated in countless struggles, projects, actions, spaces, and organizations. At the same time he is also the author of Organizations Versus Getting Shit Done.

Former Coordinating Director James Tuttle has stepped down, and will stay on as Financial Coordinator, a new position created to decentralize C4SS’s daily work. Tuttle has served as Director of the Center for over four years to wide and continued praise.

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