The Practicability of Mutualism

Mutualism is a social system based on reciprocal and non-invasive relations among free individuals. The Mutualist standards are:

Individual: Equal freedom for each — without invasion of others.
Economic: Untrammeled reciprocity, implying freedom of exchange and contract — without monopoly or privilege.
Social: Complete freedom of voluntary association — without coercive organization…

The libertarian ideal is the only concept that paves the way for the operation of Mutualism. Perfect Mutualism could not exist under any form of authority. It would be thwarted and emasculated at every turn. Just as today every social and economic evil that serves to enslave humanity is the result of some form of governmental interference with freedom and with natural processes, so would the same or similar forces tend to nullify and counteract, to all extent, the advantages to be derived from the application of the principles of Mutualism. It is a plant that requires the fertile soil of liberty in which to make its unimpeded growth…

Clarence Lee Swartz, The Practicability of Mutualism

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