Jerry Brown’s Phony Conservation Plan is Real Corporate Welfare on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “Jerry Brown’s Phony Conservation Plan is Real Corporate Welfare” read by Joey Clark and edited by Nick Ford.

Notably missing from the order is any measure, whether usage caps or rate increases, materially affecting heavily subsidized irrigation water for California’s giant agribusiness operations. When you consider that agribusiness accounts for about 80% of California’s total water usage, that 25% cut in urban consumption is pretty weak sauce.

According to Mother Jones (“California’s Almonds Suck As Much Water Annually As Los Angeles Uses in Three Years,” Jan. 12), subsidized almond irrigation uses almost three times as much water as San Francisco and Los Angeles combined. Export production of pistachios consumes over twice as much water as San Francisco. And export walnut crops soak up more water than Los Angeles.

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