Libertad de desvinculación: Acerca de Brad Spangler
Aproximadamente a las 17:00 Hora Estándar del Centro de Estados Unidos del 22 de enero de 2015, Brad Spangler confesó en un post de Facebook haber abusado sexualmente de un niño en el año 2004 y expresó su intención de entregarse a la policía. Spangler no ha publicado, ni hasta donde sabemos, comunicado nada más…
Freedom of Disassociation: Regarding Brad Spangler
At roughly 5 pm CST (January 22, 2015), Brad Spangler confessed in a Facebook post to the 2004 molestation of a child and expressed his intention to turn himself in to the police. He has not posted anything, nor, so far as we know, otherwise communicated — to the contrary, or for that matter at all —…
Market Anarchism as Stigmergic Socialism by Brad Spangler on YouTube
From the Markets Not Capitalism audiobook read by C4SS fellow Stephanie Murphy.
Brad Spangler on Freedom Rings Radio, 06/21/10
C4SS director Brad Spangler joins host Kenneth John. 9-10am Central on WRMN 1410 AM, Elgin, Illinois or live on the web.
Brad Spangler on Standing For Liberty, 06/09/10
C4SS director Brad Spangler joins host Phil Wolf to discuss the Center’s purposes, projects and activities. 12:30pm – 1pm Eastern Time…
Brad Spangler on The Gene Basler Show, 06/03/10
C4SS director Brad Spangler joins host Gene Basler to discuss the Center’s projects and activities. 7:30pm Central on BlogTalkRadio.
Brad Spangler on The Freedom Works, 06/03/10
C4SS director Brad Spangler appears this Thursday morning, June 3rd, on The Freedom Works with host Paul Molloy. The Freedom Works airs from 10am-11am Eastern on WTAN 1340 AM, Tampa Bay, Florida and KLRG 880 AM, Little Rock, Arkansas. The show also streams live on the web…
Special Report: Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, and the Case for Anarchism
C4SS Director Brad Spangler is addressing the Free Bradley Manning Rally in Leavenworth, KS today. In tandem with that event, we’re releasing Spangler’s special report, “Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, and the Case for Anarchism” [PDF].
Spangler, Knapp on Anarchy Time, 08/01/10
Brad Spangler and Tom Knapp join hosts James Cox, Tom Ender and Mandie Cunningham. Live stream at 9pm Eastern on BlogTalkRadio.
What Is C4SS?
What is C4SS? Politically, C4SS was founded to help promote the diverse perspectives found in left market anarchist circles. Our target audiences have long run the gamut from complete mainstream normies, to anarchist insurrectionaries, to libertarian academics. We are anarchists because we oppose every form of domination, but we are also rooted in one of…
Possiamo Odiare Due Cose Assieme, Max Blumenthal
Scritto da Emmi Bevensee e Alexander Reid Ross. Originale pubblicato il 9 gennaio 2019 con il titolo Max Blumenthal, You Can Hate Two Things At Once. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Che c’è? Siamo stati abbastanza fortunati da diventare nemici dei fascisti, il Cremlino, la politica occidentale e stalinisti allo stesso tempo. Che magia abbiamo fatto…
Max Blumenthal, You Can Hate Two Things At Once
What the Hell? We have found ourselves in the fortunate position of making enemies with fascists, the Kremlin, western feds, and tankies all at the same time. What kind of genius sorcery have we channeled to deserve such a gift? Well, we simply researched disinformation wars and red-brown fascist networks surrounding the alt-right. We slept…
«Δημόσιος» τομέας vs. «Ιδιωτικός» τομέας
Κέβιν Κάρσον / Kevin Carson «Δημόσιος» τομέας vs. «Ιδιωτικός» τομέας Η διάκριση μεταξύ του κράτους, ή του “δημόσιου” τομέα και του “ιδιωτικού”, σε ότι αφορά την οικονομία, είναι καθολική και συναντάται τόσο στον πολιτικό σχολιασμό όσο και στην πολιτική ανάλυση. Όμως στην περίπτωση της εταιρικής οικονομίας, είναι σχεδόν άνευ νοήματος. Πρώτον, η μεγάλη εταιρία δε…
Informe del coordinador de medios hispanos, febrero de 2015
Durante el mes de febrero traduje al español “Libertad de desvinculación: Acerca de Brad Spangler” de C4SS, “El ‘American Sniper’ no era un héroe ni nada por el estilo” de Sheldon Richman, “Según el gobierno, Dios es el único capaz de resolver una crisis” de Erick Vasconcelos, y “Obama se queja demasiado del Estado Islámico”…
Free Market Reforms and the Reduction of Statism
Objectivist scholar Chris Sciabarra, in his brilliant book Total Freedom, called for a “dialectical libertarianism.” By dialectical analysis, Sciabarra means to “grasp the nature of a part by viewing it systemically — that is, as an extension of the system within which it is embedded.” Individual parts receive their character from the whole of which…
Against Celebritarianism
The week before last, at the International Students For Liberty Conference (ISFLC), Ron Paul once again misgendered and deadnamed whistleblower and hero, to libertarians everywhere, Chelsea Manning in a speech. Though his words otherwise sounded supportive, they indicate someone who at best hasn’t paid attention to any news pertaining to her. More likely, he and…
Building a Movement with Less Hiding Space for Foulness
Two weeks ago we all learned that Brad Spangler, a professed libertarian and anarchist once of some prominence, is a child molester. There have always been hidden monsters and no movement, community or culture is entirely immune. But while we’ve spent the last two weeks recoiling in horror and crushed under the sadness of these…
Dear Supporters,
Yesterday, a statement was posted to the facebook wall of Brad Spangler, co-founder and former fellow of C4SS. It admitted to molesting a child. We are floored, dismayed and horrified by this post. If it is genuine, we utterly condemn Spangler’s actions. We are in the process of confirming facts and composing a more detailed statement.
Free Market Socialism: An Introduction
My good friend Ciaran, who introduced me to the insights of free market libertarianism (Particularly the works of Frederic Bastiat and Ludwig von Mises), expressed his confusion at the notion of free market socialism. As the concepts are typically considered polar opposites, I figured I would offer some glimpses at various strains of free market…
Market Anarchism as Stigmergic Socialism on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents “Market Anarchism as Stigmergic Socialism” from the book Markets Not Capitalism, written by Brad Spangler, read by Stephanie Murphy and edited by Nick Ford. Feed 44: Bitcoin tips welcome: 1N1pF6fLKAGg4nH7XuqYQbKYXNxCnHBWLB
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Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory