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Dear Conservative America

It’s best that you forget both conservatism and elections altogether. Your core values are best advanced by converting to and promoting anarchism, thereby situating yourself as a part of the radical left.

The Electoral Suspension of Disbelief

There exists in the country now – and there has existed for some time – an appreciable readiness to, if you will, suspend disbelief when it comes to the claims of politicians.

Obama, Let’s Try This Again

Easing the Transition to an Alternative Economy

Уважаемым сторонникам Обамы: послание от анархиста

Теперь, когда Обама благополучно сел на второй срок, мне есть о чём с вами поговорить.


Knapp: A mandate!

Caros Partidários de Obama: carta de um anarquista

Agora que Obama obteve segundo mandato, vocês e eu precisamos ter uma conversa.

Kära Obama-Supporters: Ett brev från en anarkist

Grattis. Kandidaten ni föredrog vann en andra mandatperiod som president.

Queridos partidarios de Obama: carta de un anarquista

Ahora que Obama ha obtenido un segundo mandato, tú y yo necesitamos tener una conversación.

Dear Obama Supporters: a letter from an anarchist

Now that Obama has got himself a second term, you and I need to have a chat.

Cue the Permanent Campaign

Knapp: Barring the increasingly usual “hanging chad” dramas, the 2012 elections are over. Heave a sigh of relief, take stock of any likely minor changes, and get on with our lives, right? Wrong.

Venezuelan Anarchists on Chavez’s Electoral Victory

El Libertario reflects on Chávez’s victory in yesterday’s election.

¿Fraude electoral? ¡Pero si todas las elecciones lo son!

Thomas L. Knapp dice que los típicos alegatos de fraude electoral no llegan a la raíz del problema.

What Does Democracy Look Like, Actually?

Darian Worden: If “the people” actually means everybody, then the most democratic society is the society that anarchists champion.