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The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 57
Laurence M. Vance discusses why he could never be elected to office. Noam Chomsky discusses how the U.S. is the world’s leading terrorist state. Ivan Eland discusses whether Obama is the worst president in American history. John Glaser discusses a book on government led humanitarian action. Justin Raimondo discusses electoral politics and foreign policy. Ted…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Prisons and the Myth of Democratic Legitimacy
It’s election day in the USA. The mass incarceration nation is deciding which political opportunists will rule. On the state and local level, citizens are casting their votes on ballot initiatives that will determine the structure, specifics, or application of state coercion. Some of these ballot initiatives probably deserve support from prison abolitionists, specifically initiatives…
Elections and the Technocratic Ideology on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Erick Vasconcelos‘ “Elections and the Technocratic Ideology” read by Christopher King and edited by Nick Ford. It’s not about being governed or not, it’s about who is going to do the governing. Who would we want to sit on the Iron Throne if not a “specialist?” Someone who wouldn’t be driven by politico-ideological…
The Slavish Partisanship of Brazil’s Socialists
The second campaign round of Brazil’s presidential election between Worker’s Party (PT) candidate and president Dilma Rousseff and Brazilian Social Democratic Party candidate Aecio Neves has started and a large portion of the electorate and the politicians connected to leftist parties have decided to take a stance. The Liberty and Socialism Party (PSOL), for instance, drafted…
Sinistra Punitiva e Criminalizzazione dell’Omofobia
Nell’ormai classico articolo “A esquerda punitiva” (“La Sinistra Punitiva”), Maria Lucia Karam critica la sinistra brasiliana aver abbandonato i propri principi profondi sul cambiamento sociale e per essersi unita a chi vorrebbe un inasprimento della legislazione come strumento per risolvere i conflitti della società e garantire la pace sociale. Secondo la Karam, la sinistra dimentica…
The Punitive Left and the Criminalization of Homophobia
In the now classic article “A esquerda punitiva” (“The Punitive Left”), Maria Lucia Karam criticizes the Brazilian left for forsaking their deeply held beliefs on social change and uniting with those who wish to strengthen criminal law as the principal means of solving society’s conflicts and guarantee social peace. Karam notes that the left seems to have forgotten that…
Elezioni e Ideologia Tecnocratica
Chi vota per politici come il candidato alla presidenza brasiliana Aecio Neves, così come molti dei simpatizzanti del suo partito (Partito Socialdemocratico Brasiliano, Psdb), spesso va in confusione quando scopre che idee come “efficienza” nel settore pubblico, “cura choc”, e “professionalità” di governo non attirano larghe fette della popolazione. Si tratta di un’idea moderatamente diffusa,…
Elections and the Technocratic Ideology
People who vote for politicians such as Brazilian presidential candidate Aecio Neves, as well as many of his party’s supporters (the Social Democracy Brazilian Party, PSDB), are often dumbfounded when they find out how unappealing ideas of “efficiency” in the public sector, “management shock,” and “professionalization” in government are to a large sector of the population. It’s…
Dear Conservative America
It’s best that you forget both conservatism and elections altogether. Your core values are best advanced by converting to and promoting anarchism, thereby situating yourself as a part of the radical left.
The Electoral Suspension of Disbelief
There exists in the country now – and there has existed for some time – an appreciable readiness to, if you will, suspend disbelief when it comes to the claims of politicians.
Obama, Let’s Try This Again
Easing the Transition to an Alternative Economy
Уважаемым сторонникам Обамы: послание от анархиста
Теперь, когда Обама благополучно сел на второй срок, мне есть о чём с вами поговорить.
Knapp: A mandate!
Caros Partidários de Obama: carta de um anarquista
Agora que Obama obteve segundo mandato, vocês e eu precisamos ter uma conversa.
Kära Obama-Supporters: Ett brev från en anarkist
Grattis. Kandidaten ni föredrog vann en andra mandatperiod som president.
Queridos partidarios de Obama: carta de un anarquista
Ahora que Obama ha obtenido un segundo mandato, tú y yo necesitamos tener una conversación.
Dear Obama Supporters: a letter from an anarchist
Now that Obama has got himself a second term, you and I need to have a chat.
Cue the Permanent Campaign
Knapp: Barring the increasingly usual “hanging chad” dramas, the 2012 elections are over. Heave a sigh of relief, take stock of any likely minor changes, and get on with our lives, right? Wrong.
Venezuelan Anarchists on Chavez’s Electoral Victory
El Libertario reflects on Chávez’s victory in yesterday’s election.
¿Fraude electoral? ¡Pero si todas las elecciones lo son!
Thomas L. Knapp dice que los típicos alegatos de fraude electoral no llegan a la raíz del problema.