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Rihanna’s New Video Demonstrates the Need for Anarcha-Feminism
Hanging upside-down, swinging like a pendulum and naked, the grimacing face of the female victim from Rihanna’s new (NSFW) “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video seems to be the face that has launched a thousand think-pieces. In seven disturbing minutes, Rihanna takes revenge on her dodgy (white) accountant by kidnapping his (white) wife, stripping her,…
Sinistra Punitiva e Criminalizzazione dell’Omofobia
Nell’ormai classico articolo “A esquerda punitiva” (“La Sinistra Punitiva”), Maria Lucia Karam critica la sinistra brasiliana aver abbandonato i propri principi profondi sul cambiamento sociale e per essersi unita a chi vorrebbe un inasprimento della legislazione come strumento per risolvere i conflitti della società e garantire la pace sociale. Secondo la Karam, la sinistra dimentica…
The Punitive Left and the Criminalization of Homophobia
In the now classic article “A esquerda punitiva” (“The Punitive Left”), Maria Lucia Karam criticizes the Brazilian left for forsaking their deeply held beliefs on social change and uniting with those who wish to strengthen criminal law as the principal means of solving society’s conflicts and guarantee social peace. Karam notes that the left seems to have forgotten that…
Abolish Power Over Women
After gathering in Derby Square, in downtown Recife, SlutWalk went on to take Conde da Boa Vista Avenue, one of the most important streets in the Pernambuco state capital. The Union of the Socialist Youth (União da Juventude Socialista, UJS) were there and took posters, slogans and pamphlets with them. I was able to overhear…
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