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With “Free Traders” Like This, Who Needs Protectionists?
On November 13 Wikileaks published the leaked “intellectual property” chapter of the draft Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty. The IP section is a bundle of draconian provisions curtailing Internet freedom in the interest of protecting proprietary content industries like movies and music and imposing new restrictions on commerce to enforce corporations’ patent monopolies on genetically modified organisms…
Fechamento: Professores Continuam Ensinando
Cory Doctorow, convidado de honra da vindoura convenção de ficção científica FenCon em Dallas, observa (“Durante o fechamento, alguns cientistas não podem falar acerca de ciência,” Boing Boing, 4 de outubro) que alguns de seus colegas palestrantes não poderão falar se o fechamento do governo continuar. Por eles serem cientistas espaciais do governo, estão enquadrados na…
Shutdown: A Good Start?
I’m hearing a lot of negativity — constructive negativity, but negativity nonetheless —  from my comrades on the libertarian left, concerning the US federal government’s “shutdown.” As the Center for a Stateless Society’s Kevin Carson notes with reference to “furloughed” government employees, “[S]ome of what government workers do — for example cops who enforce drug…
Shutdown: Teachers Keep on Teachin’
Cory Doctorow, guest of honor at the upcoming FenCon science fiction convention in Dallas, notes (“During the shutdown, some scientists can’t talk about science,” Boing Boing, October 4) that some of his fellow speakers will be unable to speak if the government shutdown continues. Because they’re government space scientists, they fall under the purview of the…
The Libertarian Virtue Of Slack
The tenets of the Tao Te Ching express the first anarchist or at least proto-anarchist political philosophy, to my knowledge. The Taoist opposition to government springs from a radical non-interventionist philosophy on all three major branches of philosophy. While Taoism rejects the normative, they recognize a sort of logic about the state of the universe,…
Intersecting Currents of Change
There’s an occupational category called “futurist,” which involves attempting to guess the likely future based on extrapolations from current trends and their interactions. Now, many people can spot the major currents of change in our time. It’s when a number of those currents intersect, producing all kinds of whorls and eddies and butterfly effects, that…
The Gates of Freedom
The Gates of Freedom is probably one of Voltairine’s least known essays even though it’s probably one of her longer and more important ones. This essay is in much the same spirit of her classic essay, Sex Slavery but instead of talking about the general phenomenon, here Voltairine mostly focuses on arguments that justify this…
The Defiance of August Spies
In the final speech Avrich collected in The First Mayday, Voltairine explains why August Spies and the martyrs all alike held the traits of the common-man and why this is an admirable trait. She goes at length admitting many so-called “faults” of the common-man but then reversing the dialogue and conversation and showing it as…
November Eleventh, Twenty Years Ago
Throughout most of this speech Voltairine recounts a recent article on the subject of the Haymarket Affair and both gives it limited amounts of praise and a lot more harsh critique where she thinks it deserves it. She points out that she didn’t believe Lingg’s lover at the time gave him the bomb and it’s…
Memorial Address
Here, Voltairine recounts why the act that the martyrs did was noble and uses several biblical verses and references throughout to (ironically) prove or add to her points (this was a favorite rhetorical device of Voltairine’s throughout her writings). The end of this speech and the notation of “the judgement” reflects Voltairine’s continuing belief of…
The Eleventh of November 1887
This speech is notable for quite a few things. The beginning part in which Voltairine admits that she had, at first, openly dismissed the martyrs and cheered for their death to be had. This gives us the whole reason (or at least one of the major ones) for why Voltairine did these speeches: a matter…
November Eleventh
Voltairine uses much of the beginning of this speech to speak through the voices of the martyrs  to let their voices be heard (very much in the spirit of Spies’ last statements). So that should be noted when Voltairine speaks of communism as the one alternative to the crisis that capitalism creates. Past that Voltairine…
The First Mayday – Introduction
Introception: An Introduction to an Introduction Paul Avrich was and still is an acclaimed historian of anarchism and for good reason. First beginning with his research of Russia and the time of the USSR he was fascinated by those who stood in opposition to the early rule and especially the anarchists. From there he would…
May Day “Un-American?” It’s as American as Apple Pie!
Carson: If you’re unfamiliar with the history of May Day, you might be surprised to learn not only that it originated in the United States, but that it was strongly supported by American free market anarchists.
Consumerism And The Industrial Routine
The question of whether advertising is the root of the American desire to always have more is one that is asked frequently, but I often wonder if we are simply asking the wrong question.
Just Enough Workplace Democracy To Soothe A Liberal’s Conscience
Hummels: Hey, John Mackey isn’t holding a gun to your head, buddy!
“Unequal Contracts, Unequal Power” by Kevin Carson on C4SS Media
C4SS Media would like to present Kevin Carson‘s “Unequal Contracts, Unequal Power”, read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford.
No para Alabarlo, sino para Enterrarlo
Es hora de perseguir una visión de justicia y libertad que alcancemos por nuestras propias acciones, no como un regalo que dependa de la benevolencia temporal de un dictador.
Not to Praise, But to Bury Him
Kevin Carson: It’s time to pursue a vision of justice and freedom based on our own actions, on peaceful cooperation, mutual aid and solidarity with our friends and neighbors — not as a gift that depends on the temporary benevolence of a dictator.
Неравные контракты — неравная власть
Кевином Карсоном: В любом случае, это государство выступает на стороне капиталистов, арендо- и работодателей и дает им полную власть в деле заключения контрактов, с помощью которых они в свою очередь могут диктовать условия работникам и потребителям.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory