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Di ZH. Originale: #redefinework, 29 luglio 2021. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Sono il fondatore e direttore esecutivo della Automotive Free Clinic (AFC). La AFC è una libera autocarrozzeria a basso costo di Prattville, Alabama, una cittadina appena fuori Montgomery, progettata secondo i principi del mutuo aiuto e della teoria del valore lavoro di Marx. Nasciamo…
I am the founding Executive Director of The Automotive Free Clinic. The AFC is a free and low cost automotive repair shop in Prattville, Alabama, a small town outside of Montgomery, that was designed on the principles of mutual aid and Marx’s labor theory of value. We were founded in March of 2020 as a…
A Compositional Anti-Work: A look at “Learning Not to Labor”
It was recently brought to my attention by James Tuttle that Stevphen Shukaitis published the paper, “Learning Not to Labor“. I figured I would drop my two cents on what we should be aiming for, if we want a “zero work training” or a pedagogy for anti-work people like me. Should we be compositional or not?…
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