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Beyond Free Banking: On Marx’s Critique of the Proudhonists
In my previous article “In Lieu of Free Banking,” I outline the mutualist and individualist anarchist arguments for free and mutual banking, its potential ability to empower labor, and, briefly, some immediate proxies available via credit unions and alternative currencies. But I also point to Laurance Labadie’s assessment of Benjamin Tucker’s (and later his own)…
On Vulture Capital and Enshittification
At Slate, Edward Ongweso Jr. treats the Silicon Valley Bank failure as “emblematic of a startup ecosystem and venture-capital apparatus that are too unstable, too risky, and too unmoored from reality to be left in charge of something as important as the direction of our technological development.” It’s fair to say there’s a considerable gap…
Our Twin Lineage: New Agoric Cafe Episodes!
If you haven’t subscribed to Roderick Long’s Agoric Cafe YouTube channel yet, you’re really missing out! On the Agoric Cafe channel, you can find videos and interviews “devoted to philosophy, politics, history, literature, and whatever else [Roderick feels] like sounding off on.” The interview episodes have been interesting and explorative and the most recent two…
Radicalizing Mondragon: Size, Polycentricity, and the Obsolescence of Management
First, most producers are employees of firms, not owners. Viewed from the vantage point of classical theory, they have no reason to maximize the profits of firms, except to the extent that they can be controlled by owners. Moreover, profit-making firms, nonprofit organizations, and bureaucratic organizations all have exactly the same problem of inducing their…
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