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Revolución cultural, guerra cultural: cómo los conservadores perdieron Inglaterra y cómo recuperarla
De Kevin Carson. Artículo original: Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, And How to Get It Back, del 27 de noviembre de 2013. Traducido al español por Vince Cerberus. La siguiente reseña fue escrita por Kevin Carson y publicada en su blog  Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism , 5 de noviembre de 2007 . Sean Gabb. Revolución cultural, guerra…
Radicalizing Mondragon: Size, Polycentricity, and the Obsolescence of Management
First, most producers are employees of firms, not owners. Viewed from the vantage point of classical theory, they have no reason to maximize the profits of firms, except to the extent that they can be controlled by owners. Moreover, profit-making firms, nonprofit organizations, and bureaucratic organizations all have exactly the same problem of inducing their…
Clinton’s College Plan: Reinventing a Very Old Wheel
In the farcical, technocratic future society of Vonnegut’s Player Piano, you have to have at least a bachelor’s degree to do even the most menial service jobs — of which there aren’t a lot left. The great majority of jobs have been automated out of existence, and the ranks of the still employed are dominated…
George Reisman — Piketty’s Capital
George Reisman. Piketty’s Capital: Wrong Theory, Destructive Program (TJS Books, 2014). Reisman’s critique of Piketty, from beginning to end, is nothing but pronouncements of a priori Austrian dogma from Böhm-Bawerk and Mises, with no direct contact with reality outside the pages of their work at any point in the process. He makes dogmatic pronouncements about…
Matt Yglesias: Closet Left-Libertarian?
Matthew Yglesias may be the most left-libertarian friendly liberal commentator out there. Not only is he unusually open to free market ideas, but he’s also repeatedly shown strong sympathies for open-source and post-scarcity approaches to economic organization. In fact, he’s practically built his brand around setting himself against the two defining features of American liberalism…
The End of Politics: New Labour And The Folly Of Managerialism
Chris Dillow, a heterodox economist who owns Stumbling and Mumbling blog, attacks managerialism from a position decidedly on the Left. But it’s a Left that’s friendly to markets, decentralism, and self-management, and hostile to the New Class version of bureaucratic socialism that dominated Britain from the Webbs to Harold Wilson. The central focus of Dillow’s critique of…
Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, And How to Get It Back
Sean Gabb, successor to the late Chris Tame as Director of the Libertarian Alliance, is very much a man of the Right: a composite of Burkean and Little Englander, roughly equivalent to the Old Right or paleolibertarians on this side of the Atlantic. In his critique of managerialism and the corporate state, however, he has much…
Pânico Moral e Gerencismo
Carson: A realidade não é a mesma coisa que o mapa. É muito mais complexa. E os chefes incompetentes que tentam controlá-la sempre farão de si próprios triste figura.
Moral Panics and Managerialism
Carson: Reality is not the same as the map. It is far more complex. And the pointy-haired bosses who attempt to regulate it will always make fools of themselves.
Why Import Evgeny Morozov When Tom Franks and Andy Keens are Out of Work??
Carson: Our goal is not to assume leadership of existing institutions, but rather to render them irrelevant. … We do not hope to reform the existing order. We intend to serve as its grave-diggers.
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