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Laurance Labadie, “Lettera a Mother Earth”
Di Eric Fleischmann. Originale pubblicato il 17 gennaio 2022 con il titolo Laurance Labadie’s “Letter to Mother Earth”. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Lettera a Mother Earth Credo che il tempo-lavoro come misura standard dell’unità monetaria sia un errore destinato al fallimento pratico. Faccio qualche domanda e qualche osservazione. Quale lavoro dovrebbe essere preso come standard,…
“Carta a la Madre Tierra” de Laurance Labadie
De Eric Fleischmann. Original: Laurance Labadie’s “Letter to Mother Earth”, del 17 de enero de 2022. Traducción de Camila Figueroa. Carta a la Madre Tierra Creyendo que el intento de hacer del tiempo de trabajo un estándar para una unidad monetaria es una falacia y está destinado a fracasar en la práctica, presento algunas preguntas…
Laurance Labadie’s “Letter to Mother Earth”
Letter to Mother Earth Believing that the attempt to make labor-time a standard for a monetary unit a fallacy and bound to fail in practice, I submit a few questions and observations. Whose labor is to be used as a standard, the efficient or the inefficient man’s? Take any product you may, say shoes. John…
Hour Exchange: Spending Time in Portland (Maine)
Since 1971, when its convertibility into any precious metal was suspended, the US dollar has been a de facto fiat currency. Meaning, in this case, that its value is only maintained by government regulation. But what if money was based on something else? Like time. Well guess what? That project has been ongoing since at least…
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