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“Economic Patriotism”: The Last Refuge of a Tax Scoundrel
In mid-July, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew proposed that Congress prohibit US-based companies from moving offshore in search of more favorable tax climates, citing an ostensible need for a “new sense of economic patriotism.” The resort to “patriotism” theater stands out as the most egregious aspect of legislation whose retroactive status would blatantly violate the…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 31
Patrick Cockburn discusses the bloody history of Baghdad. Kent Paterson discusses the challenging of a militarized police state. Medea Benjamin discusses the broken promises of Obama. Martha Rosenberg interviews Michael Arria. Jeffrey St. Clair discusses the recently passed away, Gabriel Kolko. Justin Raimondo discusses how a CIA backed general recently launched a coup in Libya….
Denuncia dei Redditi: Che Genere di “Civiltà” Stiamo Finanziando?
Il quindici aprile sembra diventata una sorta di festività per i progressisti, che ogni volta inevitabilmente tirano fuori la frase di Oliver Wendell Holmes, secondo cui le tasse sono “il prezzo che paghiamo per la civiltà”, e ci ricordano tutte le grandi cose – strade, scuole e altro – che le tasse producono. A ben…
0.86% of US Population Receives 17.3% of US Income!
About 2,748,978 Americans are employees of the federal government. The population of the US is somewhere around 317,940,000. The federal government takes 17.3% of Gross Domestic Product in taxes. So the average federal employee controls a little more than 20 times as much of each year’s produced wealth as the average American. And it’s not…
“Tax Day: What Kind of ‘Civilization’ Are We Paying For?” on C4SS Media
C4SS Media presents Kevin Carson‘s “Tax Day: What Kind of “Civilization” Are We Paying For?” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. Even if government did tax the plutocracy at 100% and give it back to the public in the form of some kind of guaranteed income, it would be utterly stupid. It would just be…
15 Aprile: Il Finanziamento dell’Impero
In America il 15 aprile, giorno della dichiarazione dei redditi, è una celebrazione. In questo giorno noi cittadini siamo orgogliosi di stare assieme in una società democratica e di prendere le decisioni cooperando tra noi. I frutti del nostro sudore, sotto l’occhio vigile della IRS (il fisco americano, ndt), sono distribuiti tra la società, edificano…
Tax Day: What Kind of “Civilization” Are We Paying For?
April 15 seems to be a holiday of sorts for progressives, who inevitably trot out Oliver Wendell Holmes’s quote about taxes being “the price we pay for civilization,” and reminding us of all the great stuff — roads, schools, etc. — that they pay for. But on closer examination, tax day really isn’t a very…
April 15: Funding the Empire
Tax day, April 15th, is a day of celebration in the United States. On this day we citizens of the great republic take pride in the fact that we can come together in a democratic society and make decisions cooperatively with one another. The fruits of our labor, beholden to the IRS, will now be…
Pay Taxes or Go Directly to Jail
It’s been more than a month since Toine Manders, tax consultant and former leader of the Dutch Libertarian Party, was arrested and jailed for protecting his clients from theft.  Less than a week away from his son’s first birthday Toine is still held prisoner and his custody has been extended for an additional 90 days….
Betaal belasting of ga direct naar de gevangenis
Het is al anderhalve maand geleden dat Toine Manders, jurist en voormalig lijsttrekker van de Libertarische Partij, gearresteerd werd vanwege de bescherming die hij zijn klanten bood tegen diefstal. Over minder dan een week zal Toine de eerste verjaardag van zijn zoon moeten missen, zijn voorarrest is namelijk kortgeleden met 90 dagen verlengd. Het lijkt…
Could Katrina vanden Heuvel Please Just Shut Up?
Katrina vanden Heuvel, publisher of The Nation, is at it again, this time on Twitter (@KatrinaNation). This morning she tweeted: “Ginning up IRS story to make government seem like oppressor fits into Right’s decades-long narrative. Government for common good is needed.” Pssssh. That America has ever had government for common good is one of those…
Mike Gogulski Interviewed For RT
C4SS Technology Coordinator and Stateless Ex-American, Mike Gogulski, was recently interviewed for an RT segment covering former US Citizens that have renounced their citizenship for tax reason or, in the case of Mike, moral reasons. http://youtu.be/-R4aodLwB54 “RT segment from April 15, 2013 in “honor” of US income tax day. Features noted figures Jet Li and Eduardo Saverin, who recently…
How Much “Civilization” Does Your Tax Money Buy?
Carson: The state, by its very nature, is the executive committee of a ruling class. It’s the mechanism by which landlords, usurers, bureaucrats and rentiers extract wealth from the majority of the population.
“Es complicado”, o la relación del anarquismo de mercado con los impuestos
Alan Furth: Para el anarquista de mercado es imposible reformar el estado debido a la naturaleza de su estructura de incentivos, de la cual los impuestos son parte fundamental.
“It’s Complicated,” or the Relationship of Market Anarchism with Taxes
Alan Furth: The market anarchist is adamant on the impossibility of reforming the state due to its fundamental incentive structure, of which taxes are a crucial element.
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One Human’s Taxation is a Tragedy; Three Hundred Million is a Statistic
A think tank, Third Way, just published a paper proposing an itemized tax bill for taxpayers, which would bring complex state machinery down to the level of the individual, and would humanize the vastness of the cost of the American state.
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