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Le Città Santuario non Sono il Problema
Juan Francisco López Sánchez appartiene a quella sfortunata categoria che il governo americano etichetta come immigrati illegali. Il suo status migratorio è importante perché López Sánchez è accusato di aver ucciso a giugno una donna di San Francisco, Kathryn Steinle. Politici nazionalisti di destra e sinistra sono sbigottiti perché López Sánchez ad aprile era stato…
Sanctuary Cities are Not the Problem
Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez falls under that unfortunate class of persons the American state labels illegal immigrants. His immigration status is important because Lopez-Sanchez is accused of the June killing of a San Francisco woman, Kathyrn Steinle. Nationalists on the right and left of the American political class are aghast because Lopez-Sanchez was released from police…
Breaking Class Segregation In The Bay Area
So last Sunday in the midst of a second wave of blockades of tech company buses in San Francisco and Oakland, a bus window was broken by some anarchist activists and the action immediately sailed to the top of countless news sites. Activists had been trying to draw attention to how the buses (collectively termed…
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