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“Libertari” per la Pulizia Etnica
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 29 marzo 2015 con il titolo “Libertarians” for Ethnic Cleansing. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Quando un libertario di destra difende la gentrificazione, lo fa di solito inquadrandola come fenomeno del tutto spontaneo proprio del libero mercato, e minimizzando o ignorando il ruolo dello stato nel promuoverla. Già questo è…
What’s Missing in the Left’s Critique of Gentrification in the UK
Every day I despair of the British Left, and hearing them on the issue of housing is no exception. On the one hand, they should be praised for being the only ones to draw serious attention to the very real problem of rising rents and urban displacement. On the other hand, however, there are serious…
“Libertarians” for Ethnic Cleansing
Usually when right-libertarians defend gentrification, they do so by framing it as an entirely spontaneous free market phenomenon, and minimizing or ignoring the state’s role in promoting it. That’s bad enough. But we don’t usually expect them to come out explicitly in favor of direct state intervention to evict poor people for the sake of…
Breaking Class Segregation In The Bay Area
So last Sunday in the midst of a second wave of blockades of tech company buses in San Francisco and Oakland, a bus window was broken by some anarchist activists and the action immediately sailed to the top of countless news sites. Activists had been trying to draw attention to how the buses (collectively termed…
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