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I Don’t Love America Either, Rudy on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Chad Nelson‘s “I Don’t Love America Either, Rudy” read by Trevor Hultner and edited by Nick Ford. “The America Giuliani loves is the one made up of, first and foremost, its government, which Giuliani and his fellow American exceptionalists claim have “allowed” for the greatest freedom and prosperity in mankind’s history. Giuliani and his…
I Don’t Love America Either, Rudy
In his ongoing quest to remain relevant, Rudy Giuliani recently accused president Barack Obama of not loving America. In the ensuing outrage, Giuliani quickly backpedaled, clarifying that he doesn’t doubt Obama’s love of country, but instead believes Obama’s policies are wrongheaded, representative of someone who doesn’t know what’s in America’s best interests, as set forth in the Rudy…
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