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Il Trumpismo e i Pericoli del Fusionismo
Di Camilo Gómez. Originale pubblicato il 27 giugno 2019 con il titolo Trumpism Reveals the Danger of Fusionism. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Ultimamente si parla tanto di fusionismo, termine coniato da Frank Meyer della National Review durante la Guerra Fredda per indicare l’alleanza tra conservatori e libertari contro i comunisti allineati con i repubblicani. Qualcuno…
Trumpism Reveals the Danger of Fusionism
There is a lot of talk lately about fusionism, the term coined by National Review writer Frank Meyer in the Cold War to describe the alliance between conservatives and libertarians against communists that aligned them with the Republican Party. Some wonder if fusionism is truly dead; I wonder why it lived so long. The alliance…
Justice, Not Amnesty, for “Illegal” Immigrants
It speaks volumes that the dirtiest word in the Republican and conservative lexicon is amnesty. At a minimum, it exposes as a flagrant lie the claim that Republicans and conservatives want to expand liberty and limit government power. One cannot consistently praise the principle, central to the supposedly beloved Declaration of Independence, that “all men…
Have Republicans Learned to Love the Berlin Wall?
Anderson Cooper recently complained, on his July 22nd CNN show, that presidential candidate Donald Trump has thus far offered “not one shred of proof” for his repeated claim that “the Mexican government is behind the illegal immigration” and are “the ones pushing … these people over the border.” At which point Cooper’s guest Jeffrey Lord,…
We Need More Treason, Not Less
One of the more disturbing trends on the American Center-Left (which sees itself, entirely without justification, as “the Left”) is the increasing popularity of the right-wingers as “seditionists” or “traitors” meme. The most notable recent example, in the wake of the racially-motivated massacre in Charleston, is the identification of the Confederate battle flag with “treason.”…
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