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We Need More Treason, Not Less on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “We Need More Treason, Not Less” read by Mike Godzina and edited by Nick Ford. Let’s get something straight: The American state is and always has been, regardless of the political party controlling it, the executive committee of the propertied classes who use the state to extract rents from…
We Need More Treason, Not Less
One of the more disturbing trends on the American Center-Left (which sees itself, entirely without justification, as “the Left”) is the increasing popularity of the right-wingers as “seditionists” or “traitors” meme. The most notable recent example, in the wake of the racially-motivated massacre in Charleston, is the identification of the Confederate battle flag with “treason.”…
A Proposito di Tradimento
Solitamente associo termini come “tradimento” e “sedizione” ad ignoranti di destra come l’associazione degli ex combattenti americani. Per questo mi viene la pelle d’oca quando sento sedicenti progressisti che si appropriano di quei termini a proposito della lettera che Tom Cotton e altri 47 senatori repubblicani hanno spedito all’Iran. In breve, il gruppo repubblicano in…
Let’s Talk a Little Treason
I normally associate terms like “treason” and “sedition” with right-wing know-nothings like the American Legion. So it’s eye-rollingly painful, in cases like the letter to Iran from Tom Cotton and 47 other Republican senators, to hear self-described progressives seize on those terms. By way of background, the Congressional GOP recently invited ultra-hawkish and ultra-racist Israeli…
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